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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Did Wiki Leaks leak info to Sanders people well ahead of everyone else?

I smell a double leak from Wiki Leaks. 

I smell a pre-leak to Sander's people several months before the leaks were leaked to everyone else. 

Is it ethical for a leaker to pre-leak hacked emails to some, while hiding the leaked documents from others? 

Is it ethical for the receivers of the leaked email documents to use the information while promising to stay quiet about the leaks?

When did the Sanders people know about the leaked emails?  

Are there no ethics among leakers?

Didn't Bernie Sander's people smear Hillary Clinton personally with conjecture while the Clinton campaign basically took it on the chin and kept going? I think so.

If at some point DNC people saw the Sander's group overstating caucus wins as being as significant as primary wins, then I have no problem with them trying to level the playing field.

Did you know that Hillary Clinton won 28 primaries and Bernie Sanders only won 12 primaries? You probably did not know Hillary Clinton won 70% of all democrat primaries because the Sander's people kept mixing in all those tainted caucus results to make it look like Sanders won almost as many contests as Hillary Clinton.

Please, lets not make out the Sander's people as victims when they implied Hillary Clinton would not be a reasonable president based on wall street donations.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.


Bob Harrison said...

I never heard one word of apology from them for breaking into the DNC database (and probably passing the hack onto RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE [is that treason?]), so they can all just piss-off as far as I am concerned. This baby whining is beyond old. Bernie lost because Clinton got more votes from people like me and thee. There are obviously more of us center left and center right people than there are on the delusional left and the drooling right. Sorry my comment looks like an equation but it seemed an effective way to make the points.

Alessandro Machi said...

Bernie Sanders basically said the same thing on Meet the Press yesterday, He was 50 percentage points behind early on and it was too much ground to make up.

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