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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Dick Morris parrots Bernie Sander's followers strategies about how the super delegates won't vote for Hillary were she to be indicted.

In DailyPUMA's opinion, there is something really strange going on about the FBI's role in emailgate, which apparently now, according to Dick Morris, has become Blackberry gate because Hillary Clinton was warned not to use a Blackberry in other countries because they can be easily hacked but did so anyways. 

Morris's conclusion is using the blackberry in foreign countries allowed foreign countries to actually listen in on conversations and even have access to data on the blackberry, and therefore that is an indictable offense.

First question, so it's not emailgate, it's free blackberries for other countries, gate.  Why is it ok for Dick Morris to lie about what the FBI investigation was about for the last year or two, then when something different comes up, suddenly Morris shifts to that new issue? Does Dick Morris expect to be pardoned for the last year or two of his lying about the FBI investigation being about emails?  

If Dick Morris is a lying ratfucker for saying over and over and over again that the FBI probe was about emails, but then suddenly changes his tune and now says its now about Blackberrys, shouldn't Dick Morris be indicted for attempting to manipulate a political candidate's future with lies that he portrayed as fact? Does Morris get to call politicians liars while lying about knowing what the probe may be about?

Enough of the feckless Morris, here's the things that I find hypocritical and actually points to a neutered FBI that can't even do its job. If the FBI warns Hillary Clinton to not use a Blackberry in another country because it could be used as an eavesdropping device, but she does so anyways, who is to say if Hillary Clinton is not using the possibility of the blackberry being hacked, to the United State's advantage? 

If the trolls in the room scoff, have you scoffed every time a television show storyline is about people discovering there is a bug in their room, so they visually warn each other the room is being bugged and then begin giving out false or confusing information. It's called counterintelligence and the belief that Hillary Clinton is incapable of counterintelligence is just another form of misogyny. 

Another question, if the FBI knows Hillary Clinton's blackberry is hackable, then why not create functional,  counter intelligence protocol for hackable gear? The FBI would simply load counter intelligence information, aka incorrect information, on the blackberry. The FBI could also load reverse hacking software on the blackberry that would go back to the hacker and spy on the hacker.

It is DailyPUMA's opinion that it is not FBI protocol to first warn a political figure not do something that technically is not illegal, and then when the FBI warning is not followed, to indict that person. 

The FBI protocol would be to first warn the political figure not to do something that is not illegal but could be dangerous, and then when they realize their warning is not being heeded, to come up with a plan B. Yes, that's right, a plan B in which the hackable Blackberry which is publicly known as an easy hackable target is loaded with incorrect data and software that hacks the hacker. If the FBI is not capable enough to do that, then we need to indict the FBI for being, stupid.

Succinctly put, if the FBI cannot load in reverse hacking software into a blackberry, then they need to find another line of work.

There is still another issue to contend with. Most Clinton Derangement Syndrome fanatics who are praying for an indictment have accused Hillary Clinton of being a secretive, non-transparent politician. Those same fanatics who will be praying and hoping for an indictment are basing it on the premise that Hillary Clinton is being indicted for actually being transparent! Can you see  the irony in the Clinton Derangement Syndrome Crowd celebrating Hillary Clinton being indicted for being transparent, when their Clinton Derangement has all along been based on the notion that Hillary Clinton is not transparent.

The Clinton Derangearoooos should be demanding Hillary Clinton not be indicted for being transparent, but their Clinton Derangement is so grand all they want to hear is "indicted".

To all the females out there, you really should consider being ready to march on an FBI location near you if Hillary Clinton is indicted because based on what is going on, there is nothing going on other than an attempt to not allow a female the right to deceive her political counterparts by using transparent electronics as a ruse, it's as if only a man can use electronics devices to fool a political rival.

And finally, assuming the FBI does the right thing and there is no indictment, the FBI then needs to investigate ALL the accusers who stood to gain politically by continually spreading false rumors over what the FBI investigation was about by claiming to KNOW what the investigation was about when they did not. Unless the FBI rumor mongers specifically stated they were speculating, they should be charged with treason for attempting to change the outcome of a political candidate by presenting their own FBI investigation opinion, as fact.

As for you Bernie Sander's supporters hoping for an Indictment, just remember, it would be an indictment based on Hillary Clinton being transparent, the very thing you have accused her along of not being. Good luck with that.

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Bob Harrison said...

Once again, you're making too much sense. It's similar to the notion that the place you want to have a super top secret meeting and make sure people don't know about the meeting is have one on the tarmac of an airport in plain view of everyone.

Alessandro Machi said...

lol, or on a chartered bus. I wonder what's going to happen at the next Bilderberger meeting in terms of not allowing hackable electronic devices.

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