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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Why the NPR radio host Terry Gross should have been kissing Hillary Clinton's shoes over Gay Marriage instead of attacking her.

This youtube video creates a gay / progressive fantasy world in which the Clinton's were the reason gay marriage didn't happen sooner. It is this type of demagoguery among the intellectual progressive gay elite that drives many moderate democrats, nuts. 

What NPR host Terry Gross fails to grasp is that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was the critical first step that eventually led to gay marriage. Instead of thanking the Clintons for "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", many gay elitists condemn "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". How can one deal with such elitist contempt among the progressive gay activist movement? They have screwed up history as they rewrite it.

When will gay activists take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for never putting forth the best, most logical argument for gay marriage, "What is the difference between a gay marriage and a heterosexual marriage in which no children are procreated?" The answer is there is no real difference. 

So if the country allows heterosexual marriages among heterosexuals who either can't or won't have children, then they would need to give those same rights to gay marriages. This first gay marriage step could have been realized a decade before gay marriages were legalized, well before the plodding and confrontational manner in which the gay movement moved forward on gay marriage.  

But in the gay activist world, they are always right, and the rest of society will never catch up to their keen insight, and so the Clintons are naturally on their radar in a hostile manner when "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" actually laid the foundation for Gay Marriage to materialize.

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