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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sanders Fanatics believe the announcement of Hillary Clinton reaching presumptive status the night before the California Primary suppressed voters, yes, Hillary Clinton voters.

There is no way fanatical Sanders voters were not going to vote for Bernie Sanders in the California primary just because the AP announced the night before the California Primary that Hillary Clinton had reached presumptive democrat nominee status. Hillary Clinton's knockout wins in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico over the weekend prior to the California primary created the presumptive nominee.

The reality is there was more of a possibility that Hillary Clinton voters would not bother to vote since the announcement had already been made that Hillary Clinton had already presumptively won the nomination. 

Time and time again in the 2016 democrat primary, Bernie Sanders would gamble and spend more time and money in caucus contest states that feature 90% lower voter turnouts than primaries, making it easier for Sanders to jack up lopsided, non representative victories in caucus contests to re-ignite his candidacy and his fundraising. 

This time Bernie gambled by staying in California for almost an entire 3 week stretch while not paying enough attention to the other contests, and the result was Mr. Sander's was "gotcha'd" by the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico contests.

Voter suppression is just one more excuse for the Sanders fanatics to give so that they can believe Sanders receiving 3.5 million less votes than Hillary Clinton is no reason to accept defeat.


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