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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rachel Maddow doesn't understand latest Hillary Clinton Instagram commercial, so she puts on her Progressive holier than thou frock and keeps repeating over and over how obtuse she is, er, how obtuse the Clinton campaign must be for a joke she does not get.

Poor Rachel Maddow, salivating for an ultra progressive candidate, yet having to "settle" for Hillary Clinton. Maddow lambasts the latest Hillary Clinton ad, a very funny, REAL, ad.

I'll explain it for the progressives out there who think they get it, and don't. Two guys have been going around to all the non Sanders candidates events and getting in the background or even next to the other candidates to ridicule them in one way or another.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, they previously wore shirts that said they would "settle" for Hillary Clinton. A mendacious insult if ever there was one. This time around, the Clinton people CAUGHT THEM and said they had to leave, or they could stay if they took off their shirts.

So the joke is CLEARLY ON THESE TWO DOOFUSSES WHO STAYED at the Clinton rally, shirtless. They were then featured in the Hillary Clinton Instagram ad, and the ad is funny. But Rachel Maddow, who is just so much smarter than the rest of us she barely has time to interact with us commoners when she could be having more meaningful conversations with herself, just keeps repeating how obtuse the Clinton campaign is for not getting it, and she repeats it over and over and over and over again. Got Dementia, Rachel?

Um, the Clinton people get it Rachel. They totally get it, and they made fun of these guys in a nice way, and Hillary Clinton  came up with some nice, off the cuff moments. All of it went right over Maddow's head. It's embarrassing to watch her wax on and on and on, as if she's in on the joke, when she has become part of the joke for not getting it.

And once again, Clinton Derangement Syndrome at work. Now the Clinton campaign can't come up with anything clever unless a Progressive like Rachel Maddow approves of it. I hear one of Bernie Sanders demands is that all future Hillary Clinton commercials must have an "approved by a progressive" lead in or they can't be aired. (Whisper aside to Rachel Maddow, that was a joke).

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Bob Harrison said...

Just wait until Clinton does not ask St.Warren to be her Veep. Bernout heads will explode. Maddow will go nuts telling us we're all doomed now.

Alessandro Machi said...

Both Maddow and the Fox anchor Megyn Kelly have "developed" this slow motion drama style where they milk something ad nauseum. Kelly used to do it in her slo motion anti Hillary Clinton charades. Kelly probably still does it, I only saw her show once while in the ER with a family member and it was stunning to see how hollow and false she was. I guess Maddow does not want to be left behind.

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