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Friday, June 3, 2016

Bernie Sanders outspends Hillary Clinton in California even though he is almost out of money and Hillary Clinton has 40 million dollars.

Over the past several months Hillary Clinton followers have been reminded via email that Bernie Sanders supporters were donating more money than Hillary Clinton supporters. Finally in May, Hillary Clinton apparently has out raised Bernie Sanders and the result is Hillary Clinton now has around 40 million dollars saved up whereas Bernie Sanders is apparently running on fumes.

Yet Hillary Clinton is being outspent by Bernie Sanders in California. As a Hillary Clinton supporter I am a bit disappointed that Hillary Clinton is ok with being outspent on commercial time in California and possibly either losing California to Bernie Sanders, or barely winning the state.

At some point, one would think Hillary Clinton would want to make her supporters happy, and making Hillary Clinton supporters happy would entail significantly outspending Bernie Sanders in California on ad buys AND campaigning in California with the express purpose of beating Bernie Sanders in California by a significant margin.

Otherwise, Hillary Clinton will expose her supporters to several months of unnecessary banter by Sanders supporters who will point to how Bernie had all the momentum over the final TWO months of the 2016 democrat race.

What matters more, having 42 million dollars saved up and either losing or having a very close race in California against Bernie Sanders, or having 39 million dollars saved up and winning by a nice, significant margin in California. 

I have yet to see a Hillary Clinton commercial shown in California that was obviously shot in California about California and its people. California is something like the world's 7th or 8th largest economy, contains 12.5% of the U.S. population and 40% of the Gross Domestic Product, only Alaska and Texas are bigger size wise, and neither of those states offer the Mediterranean climate that California offers. Tell us how great we are Hillary, and spend some money in our state telling us how great we are.

Does Hillary Clinton think California is not worth fighting for now because its probably a slam dunk win for the democrats in the fall presidential race? That's all the more reason why Hillary Clinton should spend more money NOW, because she really won't have to spend that much in California for the Presidential election in November. 

If Hillary Clinton values not spending money her POORER supporters have given her, in a way that sends a clear and powerful message that Bernie Sanders DID NOT have the momentum on June 7, 2016 and going forward, then maybe some of her POORER supporters may think twice about future donations.

"She didn't spend the money when she had it, why does she need more now?" Hillary Clinton needs to start thinking more about her supporters and less about Donald Trump.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.


Bob Harrison said...

I'm surprised she hasn't offered up something on the CA drought. Seems like a perfect opportunity since the Great Yam has said it doesn't exist.

Alessandro Machi said...

Good point. Brown is a bit of a conundrum for California democrats. He both helped balance the budget while appeasing the unions with the bullet train project. Water capture and containment should have flown to number one priority in California and it has not.

I think we are being lied to about the quality of the water. If a reservoir is at 50% of capacity that does not mean that there is 50% left. The bottom 10, 20 or 25 of the reservoir is where all the sediment and crap settles to, so the quality of the water is probably much lower than is being reported.

My ideas could fix California but I'm not giving them away.

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