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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Bernie Sanders Fundraising Transparency suddenly disappears, won't reveal May fundraising until after June 7th.

DailyPUMA finds it hypocritical for Bernie Sanders to be a man of the people and be for transparency, and then change course and hide information because it doesn't serve his purpose. Bernie Sanders won't reveal his May fundraising numbers until after June 7, 2016. Isn't transparency what Sanders is fighting for? 

California has turned into one strange contest. Hillary Clinton, allegedly full of money at 40 million dollars after a healthy May of fundraising, is spending less money than Bernie Sanders is on commercial advertising in California, even though Bernie Sanders is apparently running on financial fumes.

As DailyPUMA stated in the previous article, not spending money that was donated by the common folk who sacrificed to give that money, and depriving those Hillary Clinton supporters of the satisfaction of a very solid win in California will be disappointing if that is what ultimately happens.

Apparently it is possible that Bernie is ahead in the polls by one point, but not ahead amongst people who are actually going to vote on June 7. That's a new twist being put out by the media.

Either way, DailyPUMA sure wishes Hillary Clinton would release an AUTHENTIC California commercial, featuring Californians, before June 7.

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