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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When more people vote, Bernie Sanders LOSES, as is the case in the 2016 Nebraska Democrat Caucus vs Democrat Primary.

A 2008 article of mine statistically shows how Hillary Clinton gets treated unfairly in democrat caucus contests. That trend continued in 2016 once again, below is the proof.

It's pretty comical watching Sander's fanatics freak out over the news that Hillary Clinton won the Nebraska primary when they are quite sure Sanders won the Nebraska caucus a few months back. 

For a Sanders supporter, it's always ok when Sanders wins more delegates while many less voters actually vote, and for a Sander's supporter it's also ok when Hillary Clinton wins the same state in a primary where many more voters voted, just as long as Nebraska doesn't redistribute the delegate wealth to Hillary Clinton. 

I guess even socialists know how to say "mine, mine, mine". 

As far as Sander's voters are concerned, Hillary Clinton can win the Nebraska primary vote by a Yuuuggge margin, as long as Bernie Sanders gets the majority of the delegates from the caucus contest that was previously held. You know, where fewer voters vote and the younger voters tend to dominate and over represent the fair reflection of that state's voters demographics.

When Bernie Sander's says "when more voters come out, he wins", he's actually wrong. DailyPUMA reported that inaccuracy six weeks ago.

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Bob Harrison said...

I'll be so glad when the primary is over. Sanders has hurt Clinton for no good reason other than to feed his overwrought ego. He could never pull a winning vote from the moderates in this country, who are the vast majority. Only Clinton represents the middle in this election, otherwise its the insane right or the self-righteous left.

Alessandro Machi said...


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