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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton wins her 22nd Primary, Bernie Sanders well behind with only 9 Primary Wins.

Many Clinton supporters realize that Bernie Sanders does better in the caucus contests because his supporters are younger, more aggressive, and are willing to put in the many hours it takes for a caucus to run its course. 

Many Hillary Clinton Voters have other people in their lives who rely on them and can't afford to take all that time to travel extra distances for a "caucus", to caucus, and then to vote, in many instances with either not enough chairs, or no  chairs at all.

A primary contest allows these same Clinton Voters all day and more locations to fit in among their other responsibilities when they vote. For Clinton Supporters, Primaries cast a fairer reflection of how democrats vote. Closed Primaries an even fairer reflection.

Many Independent Voters are put into an oxymoronic situation of automatically voting anti-establishment, which makes the term "independent" rather an inaccurate term since many independents simply are looking for a third party candidate to vote for, they are equal parts protest votes and independent vote.

As of May 18, 2016, Hillary Clinton has won 22 Primaries, Bernie Sanders has won 9 primaries. However, Sanders has deluded his supporters by claiming that primaries are inaccurate representations because Independents can't vote for Sanders if they are registered Independent.

It appears that between Sanders and Trump there are actually more Independent voters than either Republican or Democrat voters, yet that is an oversimplification since the two candidates appear to be so far apart on many issues that what we probably have are independent democrat and independent republican. So the reality is the Republican party and the Democrat party still would probably finish top two in votes, with two independent factions finishing 3rd and 4th. Keep in mind that Trump was only around 40% of the Republican vote total for quite awhile and if he had run as an independent other republicans would have stayed in longer and kept Trump at 40% or lower of the total republican vs independent republican vote totals. 

So when voters have all day to vote but don't have to take all day to vote, aka a Primary, Hillary Clinton is clearly the more popular candidate than Bernie Sanders, and she is doing it while spending less money than Bernie Sanders has month after month after month.

lease consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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