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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Google Search Suppresses 2016 Hillary Clinton Nebraska Primary Victory over Bernie Sanders.

Try googling and finding any result that shows Hillary Clinton beating Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democrat Nebraska Primary. Even when I added a minus sign in front of the word caucus in my search, Google still forced me to look at the Nebraska Democrat Caucus results. 

No mention of Hillary Clinton's 2016 Nebraska Primary Victory over Bernie Sanders can be found anywhere, at least not without having to go through 2 different links to find the results.

Below are the 2016 Democrat Nebraska Primary results that I had to find by going to one link, then clicking on that link to go to the Nebraska Secretary of State's page and then clicking on a link to the president's race. I guess that was just too much work for Google to do themselves.


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Bob Harrison said...

You've been doing the same thing I've been doing. I have trolled all day and surfed all the television news but I have yet to hear a single solitary word about Clinton's victory in NE, but, brother, I have heard and read plenty about Sanders' "stunning" upset in WV. Talk about a media blackout.

Alessandro Machi said...

I went all caps and sent feedback to google for continuing to show the 2016 Nebraska caucus results even when I changed search terms and used a minus sign before caucus which is supposed to remove caucus results, but did not.

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