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Friday, May 13, 2016

Clinton Derangement Syndrome and Clinton Concern Trollism both found in the same short article, Amazing.

Sometimes you have to take a step back to really digest the garbage disposal shrapnel that doubles as news commentary. The headline reads…

No need to show anymore of the article. The headline alone accomplishes the task of "Concern Trollism." Why is this Hillary Clinton's problem? 

Isn't opposite gender appeal also Donald Trump's problem since he does even more poorly among women voters? Shouldn't the article headline have been, "Just like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton may face a battle of the sexes problem".

The original headline inflames the haters to make hostile attack comments in the comments section against Hillary Clinton. 

But wait a minute, Hillary Clinton wasn't interviewed for this story, it's just the opinion of the writer that is in play here. Yet the Clinton Derangement Syndrome crowd spews hostile comments in the comments section. 

If you click on the comments section you will see that I personally responded to the Clinton Derangement brigade.  You can too.

Awesome Pantsuit color, by the way.

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Bob Harrison said...

I tried twice to post a comment over there and both times the site ate it without warning or explanation. When I "liked" your comments, it immediately "unliked" them. I wonder if we got some new rtfckng gizmo running. I'm gonna do a scan on my machine because I've never seen a site behave like that one.

Alessandro Machi said...

I noticed the site keeps reloading the page, it might be a way for them to drive up impressions?
The reloading was annoying and was happening as often as every 15 seconds. yech.

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