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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bernie Sanders biggest controversy regarding his tax returns for the past few years, Does he have Credit Card Debt, or not?

The issue of whether or not Bernie Sanders reported large amounts of credit card debt (apparently because of two weddings he paid for) so he could portray himself as having debt like many americans remains unresolved. Did Bernie Sanders use of a credit card debt ruse cause him to make significant interest rate charge payments to the credit card companies that could have gone to non-profits instead? 

Without costing Sanders one penny more, Sanders could have paid off his credit card debt and then used the interest rate charges he would have avoided as donations to dozens of non-profits on an ongoing basis.

If Bernie quickly paid off the credit card debt, then why even bother showing it as debt at all to the press? If the credit card debt needlessly remained long enough so he could posture to the media that he had credit card debt, then Mr. Sanders chose having credit card debt and paying interest rate charges on that debt, over having no credit card debt and using the interest rate charges he would not have to pay, to instead use as donations to non-profits.

So Mr. Sanders, how much credit card debt did you or do you have, and for how long have you had it?

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1stfirstgentleman com said...

Bill Clinton will be next

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