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Friday, March 25, 2016

Will Somebody, ANYBODY, do a spoof about Caucus Contests and how poorly Hillary Clinton supporters are represented at caucus contests?

It's quite obvious why Hillary Clinton supporters do poorly when it comes to voting in caucus state contests, they have lives to live, real lives. Many Hillary Clinton supporters are moms and dads, small business owners, caregivers, and senior citizens, and they don't have the time to travel much farther distances to vote at a caucus location because caucuses have less overall locations to vote within a state than if that same state were to hold a primary instead.  

And because there are less overall places to vote, not only is the average distance to a caucus greater for most of the voters, the lines are a lot longer as well. While some Bernie Sander's supporters see driving farther distances and waiting hours in line as some kind of revolutionary "rite of passage", Hillary Clinton supporters are like, "I'm outta here", or "I'm not even going to try to vote, I'm too busy making dinner for my grown up jobless kids who will be mighty hungry when they get back from those five hour lines waiting to vote for Bernie Sanders".  

Why can't some comedy show like Saturday Night Live educate America in a comical way about the differences between a caucus contest and a primary contest and how different candidates either get a boost or a bust from caucus contests.

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