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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 9 to 3 in Primary Contests, 8 more Primaries coming up!

Bernie Sanders fanatics keep pointing to his Caucus wins as having super significance. Sure, up through March 5, 2016 democrat caucuses, Bernie Sanders has won 4 of 7 caucuses, but Hillary Clinton has won 9 of 12 primaries. 

Maybe Bernie wins the Maine caucus today, at which point Sanders fanatics will scream he's on a roll because he has won 3 of the last 4 contests, even though once again, those three wins will be in, caucus contests.

Sanders 4-3 in caucuses, add Maine and it's 5-3, Hillary Clinton 9-3 in primaries, and most importantly,  8 of the next 9 contests after Maine are Primaries. So look for the progressive media to try one more time to deflate Hillary Clinton supporters with Bernie's 3 out of 4 victories this weekend in a desperate hope to quell the tide of 8 primaries out of the next 9 contests, you know, where Hillary Clinton is 9-3 so far.

Caucus contests just do not fairly represent middle aged and older americans and that is why Hillary Clinton struggles in those contests. Lets not forget that caucus contests are usually held at night in the cold of February and March winters, minimal heating, minimal seating, parking at a premium, farther from home for many then when they vote in the actual presidental elections, and the process takes several hours. Do you think middle aged people with families, and their parents, have the time and stamina to put so much effort in to a caucus night as compared to simply going into a voting booth and voting at a time and location that is both close and convenient?

So lets see who the republican shills posing as progressives are over the next day or two, they will be the ones trying to imply that Bernie Sanders is on a huge winning streak with his 3 of 4 victories over the weekend, never mind that all three wins were in caucus contests.

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