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Monday, March 7, 2016

Cenk Uygur's Apoplectic yet Nonsensical Rant about Bernie Sanders being a stronger candidate than Hillary Clinton.

I'm not even going to bother linking to Cenk's Uygur's latest fit of Rage against Common Sense thinking. To sum it all up, Cenk cites polls that show Bernie Sander's polling higher than Hillary Clinton against Republican candidates and how could all the democrat oldsters be so stupid as to not see it.

Cenk's eyes bulge out as he gestures wildly and one wonders if he isn't the long lost brother of Dad Murray Goldberg from the TV series The Goldbergs. Fittingly, Cenk is the moron for piling more and more crap onto his previous crap of misdirection regarding Hillary Clinton's electability.

But what can we expect from a former republican pundit who seems bent on uplifting millions of younger democrats so they can be demoralized by the truth that Cenk does not speak.

In his latest diatribe, Cenk fails to mention that the reason Bernie Sanders may be polling higher than Hillary Clinton against Republican candidates is because Bernie Sander's supporters are so fanatical they are skewing these national polls by saying they would vote for a Republican before they would vote for Hillary Clinton.

Now picture Cenk Uygur as Murray Goldberg's brother, wildly  gesturing about anything anti Hillary Clinton. Then picture Jeff Garlin as dad Murray Goldberg telling his brother Cenk Uygur that Cenk is a moron. 

Maybe Cenk was destined to be an estranged brother on the TV show The Goldbergs and through some episodic accident landed in politics instead. I'd gladly rather watch Cenk on the Goldbergs being called a moron than watch one of his political editorials where he gets it wrong about Hillary Clinton over and over and over again.

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