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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cenk Uygur's Delusional, Deranged, and Amazingly Obtuse rant Against Hillary Clinton.

It's so hard to know where even to start regarding the Young Turk's Cenk Uygur and his recent Delusional, Deranged, and Amazingly Obtuse rant against Hillary Clinton accepting donations from big business & wall street. Let's start at the beginning.

Cenk Uygur's career was dramatically boosted by his affiliation with MSNBC. I can't seem to find when the affiliation started but I recall seeing Cenk on MSNBC in late 2007 and for sure in 2008 to help stop Hillary Clinton's 2008 democrat nomination bid. Why was MSNBC so against Hillary Clinton in 2008? It might have something to do with Hillary Clinton standing with Homeowners during the foreclosure crisis of 2007 and beyond. Hillary Clinton wanted a 90 day foreclosure moratorium so something could be worked out. You know, so homeowners could actually remain in their homes and avoid the financially devastating scar a foreclosure imbed's onto one's credit history for seven years or even much much longer if garnished payments are made towards a foreclosure debt that never dies. 

It turns out that Wall Street was completely against saving homeowners from foreclosure. Wall Street wanted their fraudulently rated mortgage backed securities investments, returned. Wall Street helping homeowners stay in their homes would not free up wall street's investments that had suddenly been exposed as falsely rated MBS investment schemes. MSNBC liked Barack Obama better than Hillary Clinton because he was keeping an open mind towards the foreclosure crisis. When the 2007 bailout vote was happening, MSNBC's commentators were practically having coronary's because the first congressional vote was no and the second vote was so close. Why would Cenk even dream of hooking up with MSNBC to further his career knowing how in the tank they were for Wall Street? 

Could it be that Cenk Uygur believed he could thrive within MSNBC's wall street connected confines while maintaining an entirely different perspective from that of his new found alliances? Apparently Cenk Uygur can benefit mixing with entities he disagree's with without becoming corrupted by them, but only Cenk can do that, It's not possible for Hillary Clinton to accept donations and input without actually remaining impartial, only Cenk is capable of that.

Cenk's career trajectory was amped up by working for a channel that had a vested interest in maintaining wall street's interests, even at the expense of MILLIONS of homeowners that were being exposed to foreclosure through a constitution busting scheme called parallel foreclosure.

So what is it Cenk, have you somehow managed to keep your integrity even while you promoted yourself on a channel that was a decidedly pro wall street teet sucking channel. If you answer yes, then what you are stating is that YOU can stay neutral and true to your beliefs even as you accept publicity benefits from a wall street friendly channel, but that Hillary Clinton can't accept monetary benefits and keep true to her own political instincts. And yet it was  Hillary Clinton who actually lost her 2008 democrat nomination chances because she stood with homeowners and against wall street regarding the home foreclosure issue. 

Meanwhile Cenk Uyger GAINED notoriety at the same time  Hillary Clinton was trying to protect homeowners by bashing Hillary Clinton and her save the homeowner's homes public stance. Gosh Cenk Uyger, you are such the man, and you were even the first one to want Bernie Sanders for president, as you keep reminding everyone every day of the week.

But there is even more derangement, how come it was ok for Barack Obama to have all kinds of wall street contributors and wall street influencers both contributing to his campaign AND then working for Barack Obama for the past 7 years, but if Hillary Clinton knows the same people, it's somehow really really bad?

Cenk originally was a conservative with somewhat disturbing views of women. Now year's later, Cenk has decided that he can go among those with whom he disagrees with on a myriad of issues and not change his own values while brontificating that a woman cannot do the same thing.

And Cenk, you're not that young anymore.

Cenk Uygur Delusional, Deranged, Amazingly Obtuse Rant Against Hillary Clinton.

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