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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Occupy Wall Street, Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire when they claim that Move On Dot Org has been a tool for the Clintons.

It is amazing how quickly ignorant, people can become about the not so distant past, aka the 2008 Democrat Nomination. Here is a Move on dot org recruitment letter by Occupy Wall Street to its members….

Friends –
Last August, we asked you who you planned to support in the 2016 election. The results were overwhelming: Nearly 3/4's of you (74%) responded that you plan to vote for Bernie Sanders. Since then, Bernie has ramped up his anti-Wall Street rhetoric even more: renewing calls to break up the banks, limit ATM fees, take on inflated student loan debt and establish nationwide interest rate caps.

We know: MoveOn.org is a tool for the Democratic party, and hasn't always been on our side. They have operated like clicktivism is more important than on-the-street-action. They’ve been too slow (or unwilling) to take on the big fights – let’s change that. Bernie brings an independent fervor to the party, and this endorsement could propel him into the White House. The possibility of that happening is exciting enough for the 99% that we think it's worth 2 minutes of your time to sign up for free before noon to vote. (Plus, you can always unsubscribe later on if all those emails annoy you!) 

MoveOn has been the voice for the Clinton Dynasty which it was created 17 years ago to defend. Today, though, we have a chance to close the books on the Clinton-Bush era and bring in a strong, independent democratic socialist voice:we think it's time to #MoveOnToBernie! 

And keep fighting, comrades.
The OccupyWallSt.NYC Team 
End of Occupy Wall Street Missive.   End of Occupy Wall Street "missive" to its "comrades" quote.
For the record, Move on Dot Org has NEVER supported the Clintons. Move on Dot Org is a progressive group and Occupy Wall Street's claim that Move on Dot Org is a front for the Clinton is a manipulative, ignorant, lie. 

See, THEY ALL LIE, even the alleged truth speakers. 

I would happily help Hillary Clinton win the democrat nomination but it would cost her campaign one million dollars. The progressive millennials may be Hillary Clinton's undoing and I know how to get them in her camp, and for a million dollars I would share the information with Hillary Clinton or her people. Expect a strategically timed smear involving email gate, the Move on dot org vote supporting Bernie Sanders, and a possibly too close loss or even victory in New Hampshire to help amp up unwarranted opposition to Hillary Clinton in her quest for a democrat nomination. 

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.


Bob Harrison said...

I was a member of MoveOn within a few weeks of its inception, but I quit in utter disgust at their treatment of SOS Clinton and their continued (and continuing) licking of O'balls. I had hope for OWS in that they appeared to have the correct target in their sights (the 1%) but now they've turned to tongue bathing the Man Who Can't Win and I feel the cold, grim shadow of Ralph Nader creeping across the Democratic Party seeking to once again split the vote and ensconce another GOPer in the White House, who can then, through the SCOTUS, finish the dismantling of democracy so we can all return to our rightful status--- serfs in a feudal society.

Alessandro Machi said...

Bob Harrison, we are definitely seeing a clash between the sandwich generation (40 and older) versus the millennials (under 40), and the millennials though outnumbered are much slicker at working social media.

NaRong said...
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