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Friday, January 29, 2016

More Ridiculous nonsense over Top Secret Emails and Hillary Clinton.

So the email controversy goes like this.  

Unsecured emails were sent by Hillary Clinton and some claim they contained information that would later be classified as classified.

"How did we find out about the unsecured emails"?
Hillary Clinton told everyone 4 years later.
"If the emails were unsecured, shouldn't we see them and judge for ourselves if they should have been unsecured"?  
If the unsecured emails were deemed to have classified information, no, you can't see them BECAUSE THEY ARE CLASSIFIED.
"But if I can't see the unsecured emails that might have had classified information, then how do I know what the content was"?    That's EXACTLY the point, you don't know and therefore there was no breach.

You will only know what the content of the unsecured emails was if the emails are released to the public. If the emails are released to the public, THEN THE EMAIL'S WERE NO BIG DEAL, if the email's are not released to the public, then you aren't supposed to know about them and you will only find out the content IF THEY ARE LEAKED BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN HILLARY CLINTON. The emails would have to be LEAKED NOW for you to know what the classified information was.  

But what if some hacker figures out how to go back in internet time and find the unsecured emails. Well, I guess that is the plan, isn't it, to make as long as possible of a whining sound until some hacker gets so sick of the nonsense they go back and find unsecured emails that nobody would have known about if not for the Rat Fucking Constricted Republican neo conservatives bellowing about it forever.

Only rat fucking Republican heho's used for inbreeding with real rats will keep prolonging this issue as long as possible because they have Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Do  you rat fucking Republican heho's know what is a real email scandal? A government official directly sending classified secrets to other government officials from other countries FOR PERSONAL GAIN in which they PERSONALLY gain. 

But But, the Clinton foundation. What if Hillary Clinton says  hello to a foreign dignitary and later on that dignitary gives money to the Clinton foundation and that is used to save lives around the world? 

Well, then you have your next rat fucking scandal, don't you.  lol.  

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