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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Real Email Scandal the Democrat Party needs to deal with.

I won't disclose my financial situation but I finally made a contribution to Hillary Clinton's campaign recently even though I could not afford it. (ha ha). Yes, it was ego driven, I wanted my name put on the wall in the Clinton campaign headquarters. Make a contribution, get your name on the wall. Yes a clever idea, although I don't think the wall is going to be big enough. I also wanted to make sure I EARNED my name on the "Wall of Acclaim" so I made a donation that was many many many times higher than the minimum donation of 5 dollars.

The problem is I keep getting emails asking me to contribute. I just gave a contribution and the democrat email system has no way to riffle out those who just made a donation from those who haven't, and that annoys me. If the democrat email system can't parse out those who just contributed and acknowledge their contribution in future emails, they begin to create ill will among their contributors. I almost sent a second contribution to the Wall of Acclaim thinking the first one did not take. But then my credit card bill came and the credit card I have been diligently trying to pay off went north for the first time in over a year, and frankly it made me wince.

If I were the democrat party I WOULD QUIT SELLING my email lists to an incongruous group of needy people all asking for money and all oblivious to how many others have already asked me for money.

I have some amazing campaign ideas that if sold to either the Republican party or the Democrat party would win them the presidency in 2016, but I have decided I am not going to give them away. If I don't see meaningful change in how the democrat party handles their email messaging, I may actually consider selling my ideas to Donald Trump simply because my ideas would actually help seniors and the economy, which in turn helps everyone else. Sometimes actually having ideas matters more than asking for money to become president.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.


Bob Harrison said...

You've hit on the main reason I quit contributing to Democratic party. No only do they badger you daily for money, the NC party gets your name and starts calling you at home. I get at least one call a month in the off season and one a week during campaign season. It is beyond annoying. I still contribute but it's greenbacks in a bucket.

George Givens said...

I agree this is a problem. I made a small contribution the Hillary Clinton's primary campaign in 2008 (because I also can not afford to donate to everyone who asks me for money, most of whom I know have a lot more money than I do), and this year, I began to receive emails asking for money at least twice a week. Since my ship still has not come in, I replied with some questions about what Hillary Clinton would propose to do to make the lives of people with physical disabilities a little easier. I spent a long time crafting a set of three questions and explained why I thought it was important for her to address (i.e., basically, the helplessness caused by working so hard to achieve goals only to find yourself ill from an incurable disease (not lifestyle-related or communicable) and losing your spouse, your job, your friend and your family, and finding that the federal government expects someone else (not them) to take care of you. In addition, they give do things to make it harder for you to take care of yourself, like prohibiting Medicare from negotiating prescription medication prices, causing them to be more expensive than they need to be.

IMP everyone who is asked for money should first put to the asker questions about how they would del with problems that you are having where the federal government clearly is empowered to do something to make life easier. The Clinton Campaign claims they she will do "things to help the disabled" but what? I'm awaiting a response FIRST, before donating. It's enough to donate and then risk the pledge being reneged upon. Someone should at least take a few to read some questions and answer them.

Alessandro Machi said...

George, you bring up a great point. What if these email requests for donations allowed the email recipient a "time-out" function in which no more emails are sent until a specific question or two is answered.

Alessandro Machi said...

Bob Harrison, do you remember the 2008 puma protest in which some people sent a pound of pennies in the postage paid envelopes.

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