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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Now its CNN National Political Reporter Peter Hamby attacking Hillary Clinton.

Peter Hamby writes...(about a commercial showing Graham and Hillary Clinton getting along)
"But it's the first time one of Graham's opponents has tried to make hay out of his gracious attitude toward Clinton - and it's another signal that Clinton's standing among Republicans has diminished since she left the State Department a year ago and inched her way back into the political spotlight." 
Um, no it's not Mr. Hamby, that' s just YOUR deranged conclusion interjected into what starts out as an unbiased factual article that then strays into your opinionated nonsensical conclusion, being reported as fact. 

Hamby reveals earlier in the article that there are many republicans vying to win a chance to oppose Graham this fall, and that this is just one tactic that one lesser known candidate is using. 

How does this rise to Hillary Clinton losing popularity among Republicans? It doesn't mean anything other than a political strategy. For Mr. Hamby to imply this tactic by a minor republican candidate means something bad for Hillary Clinton is simply his OPINION, being reported as fact.

It's starting already. The Cable News Networks, desperate for a political battle, are apparently encouraging their alleged journalists to stoke the flames of controversy by interjecting their own opinion into their reporting. Since Hillary Clinton is considered the leader for now, she now has to put up with red herring reports that have the ulterior motive of placing doubt on her worthiness.

I would have left a comment under the CNN Hamby article but apparently the comments were closed less than one day after the article appeared. I got the notice of article from the Daily PUMA feed, couldn't have gotten it much sooner, so I am shut out of commenting over Hamby's idiocy.

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