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Friday, January 10, 2014

Why Chris Christie's office may have committed a Federal Hobbs Act Violation, Extortion Under the Color of Right.

Chris Christie's apology/denial can either be believed, or not, it is strictly an opinion each of us can have as to whether or not we think Chris Christie is telling the truth when he says he knew nothing about Bridge Gate (aka Traffic Gate).

However, it is important to give context to what Chris Christie's office has done regarding Traffic Gate. Let us first not forget all the good will Mr. Christie received from the country when he and Barack Obama were shown together after SuperStorm Sandy had leveled parts of New Jersey. Some believe the Christie / Obama harmony propelled Mr. Christie to the top of the Republican presidential field for 2016 even though some Republican were disgusted by it. 

But for all the goodwill created in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Christie basically gave it all away when his own office chose to punish another politician who did not support Christie in his re-election bid.

The spirit of cooperation demonstrated by Obama and Christie after SuperStorm Sandy was crushed when Christie's office chose to punish VOTERS for the beliefs of the politician they elected. And it is the punishment of the common man/woman that could lead to Federal Hobbs Act Extortion Under the Color of Right charges being filed against Chris Christie's office.

By punishing another politician who did not support Christie's re-election, and using political might and federal roadways to do it, somebody in Christie's office could be charged with a Federal Hobbs Act violation. Since Mr. Christie is the actual political figure his associates work for, it could end up that Mr. Christie is charged even if he did not know about Bridge Gate.

New Jersey is a tough place. I read allegations that the fire on Jersey Shore after the rebuild had started was retaliation for Christie not using union only workers for the rebuild.

Maybe the toughness needed to be a leader in New Jersey makes it difficult to always do the right thing. I just don't like it when retaliation actually hurts the working man/woman.

And for those who want to remind the world that Benghazi was far worse than Travel Gate, let us not forget that 22 veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY in the U.S., and that far outweighs either Benghazi or TravelGate.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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