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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DailyPUMA unsure why the Obama hate still continues in lieu of the republican politicians being unable to get anything done.

While I have not lost my dislike for how the democrat elite and their few ultra rich friends unfairly and most likely unethically pushed Obama ahead of Hillary Clinton in 2008, I also don't think it makes sense for Hillary Clinton supporters to be happy about every Republican attempt to thwart President Obama during his final three years in office.
The Republican goal going forward is simple, stain president Mr.Obama as much as possible, then transfer every stain onto Hillary Clinton if she decides to run for president in 2016.
Every celebratory stab that is initiated by spiritually inebriated republican politicians against President Obama that then resonates with those who like Hillary Clinton but don't like President Obama, will in turn leave a residual effect against Hillary Clinton and her chances of becoming president in 2016.

Hillary Clinton supporters/Obama dislikers just don't get to it have all their way, if they celebrate every dimwitted republican attack against Barack Obama while also thinking it will have no affect on Hillary Clinton's chances in 2016, they are sadly mistaken.

And those of you who quote Darryl Issa, are idiots, pure and simple.

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