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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Motivational speaker's wheelchair destroyed by Bus, Bus Driver gives out false info and cannot be found.

Motivational speaker's wheelchair destroyed. This is the kind of story that a writer could probably not think up but apparently has actually happened.

A motivational speaker who was left wheelchair bound several years ago had his wheelchair destroyed by a white charter bus that sideswiped the car he was in just before he was to get out of the car and into his wheelchair.

His friend who was helping him was injured.

The cruelest part of the story might be that the driver of the bus apparently gave out false information regarding the company he worked for and their insurance company.

So apparently this huge white charter bus with damage to its side and the driver of the bus got away with one, and now this motivational speaker has been left without a wheelchair.

This story would work in some type of Hollywood series or movie, would be neat if Hollywood came a knocking and paid him for the rights to this event in his life so he could then buy another wheelchair.

Here's hoping. I Never met this person, just saw his story on KABC Los Angeles news last night.

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1 comment:

Nancy Weaver said...

Oh my, this is a very sad story. I do hope that he now has a new wheelchair so that it would be easy for him to go around most specially with the nature of his job. -allianceforintegrity.com

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