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Friday, February 15, 2013

Judge lectures Penelope Soto. then reduces her sentence while never apologizing for baiting her with his "bye, bye" comment.

I actually agree with the judge's concern about Penelope Soto, she was apparently was high the first time she appeared in his court room and it did look like she needed a wake up call from somebody. But  the judge baited her with his "bye, bye" comment, a fact that NOBODY in the media noticed with the exception of Daily PUMA.

The latest encounter between the judge and Penelope Soto has the judge "legally" lecturing Ms. Soto with fatherly advice, and then reducing her sentence after she apologizes. 

However, the Judge's "bye, bye" comment in the original sentencing video did initiate and catalyze what then followed. The judge's unwillingness to acknowledge his own baiting "bye, bye" comment   most likely caused Soto's response of "adios". The judge is wrong, to place blame only at the feet of Soto and I believe he should be sanctioned, and even fined.

I find it sad how many other "reporting agencies" have simply parroted the headline about a girl flipping off a judge, when it was actually more truthful that the judge baited the girl first.

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