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Friday, August 31, 2012

New Blog from Alessandro Machi, Debt Neutrality.

If you want to really find out what is going on with the world's economy, just follow my debt neutrality blog. It appears that the entire world's economy is based on consumer debt levels, population growth, and resource depletion.

Interest rate charges are actually accelerating resource depletion. 

Follow Debt Neutrality to see the ongoing and ever increasing damage the billionaires and trillionaires of the world are wreaking by insisting that their money always get the best return and that it always goes to the front of the line for reinvestment.
The uncomplicated bankster premise of "Debt Restructure requires a default" is the mantra that will kill off as much as 80% of the population within a hundred years time.
Society's demise is being set up now by the constant chattle to keep doing what we have been doing, without real change or progress. However the economic death spiral has already begun. 

I believe we are at a tipping point for the world in which going forward as before will mean a very sudden demise, it will happen so fast no one will believe it. Read here if you want a bit more convincing.  Global warming might cause the release of stored carbon as frozen tundras melt, and as trees die as well.

That is why when I watched Paul Ryan say, "We can get GNP back up to 4%, We can do this", he looked and sounded like a child to me. GNP only has to grow to appease the rich elite who simply want their financial ponzi scheme to go on forever. We can have a sustainable economy WITH NO GROWTH, if the interest rate charges are thrown out of the equation.

Imagine you were the wealthiest person on the planet back in the 1500's. Where would your wealth be tied up? In land of course, but where else? In a militia to PROTECT your wealth. That protection could cost 50% of your wealth, assuming your military general didn't just chop your head off and take it all.

So the concept nowadays that the richest are supposed to keep getting richer and their money is somehow more valuable than all others, is not only ridiculous, it will destroy the industrialized world. 

I think the best compromise that can be reached is the richest of the rich get the lowest automatic return on savings held in a bank, not the highest, and the rest of us with the smallest savings get the highest rate of return. This would free the elite to truly put their money into NEW technologies and possibly even more green friendly energy projects, or they can just have a good time and spend their money.
If you don't believe that the rich elite and their pampered money are destroying the industrialized world, you should really study the crap/fake/gambling casino style of investments that wall street trots out for the rich elite, knowing that if they fail, the government will bail them out, not us.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.


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