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Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25 - NextGen Journal - NextGen Journal

Some people remained skeptical when I said that Hillary Clinton, besides being sabotaged in 2008 by several prominent women near her own age, was also done in by younger women who felt too grown up to want a mommy for president and instead voted for Barack Obama.

Unless this article is a joke here's your proof that women may never connect amongst themselves and why militant feminism will probably kill Hillary Clinton's chances to become president. Militant feminists foolishly believe they are at the forefront among Hillary Clinton's supporters. Unfortunately Militant femininsts probably believe that men are just not worth wooing on any level. 

The reality is that a combination of men voters and friendly feminists is the only way Hillary Clinton can ever attain the white house. However, the militant, men hating feminists will scare off way more men voters who would otherwise vote for Hillary Clinton then they can attract from their own sex.

Below is a link to that helps prove that Ageism, not sexism, did Hillary Clinton in in 2008 (not to mention a ton of unethical manipulation by democrat higher ups).

Hat tip to blog world for finding the above article link.

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