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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Power of a woman to make a man's shoulders slump, or, how militant feminists just focus on how bad men are and not on the power women already have.

Dateline, Lost in Suburbia, revealed the power of a woman in the clip presented above. If women already have power over men, then why can't militant feminists worry about being better women, rather than simply pointing at men as the bad guys?

Militant feminism appears to exist for the primary purpose of reminding women that men use whatever means necessary to rule over them. 

What militant feminism is remiss in doing is demonstrating how one sentence from a women's lips to her man's ears can make the man's shoulder slump.

As you can see in the very short video clip above (first there is a 15 second commercial), the husband's shoulders slump as he listens to his somewhat daft wife, who has held exceptionally high positions in the corporate world when she was employed, talk childish gibberish.

Rather than believing that men want to rule over women, I think it is safer to say that men fear stupid women, or women who just can't differentiate between how their own father treated them and how their husband tries to be a team provider for their own family.

Look at the power this woman has to deflate her husband's shoulders with just ONE sentence. It is absolutely amazing. Then she goes on about how he doesn't love her because his job does not pay enough, she is just so out of touch with reality at that moment in time.  

Later in the video, when it's revealed that if she brought in as much as he was bringing in, they could actually pay all of their bills, she seems to refocus on herself, and I would assume her husband is grateful for that respite.

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