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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Unanswered Obama Care questions. Check DailyPUMA out for divergent responses to today's Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling.

(Edit Note: July 2nd, 12:29pm, 2012) Apparently, if one does not pay the healthcare premium, the IRS declares the amount of the premium as income, meaning it turns into a percentage tax. So, I WAS WRONG, but I was also right when I posted my next article about this decision and stated the "tax should be in the 1/10% to 35% range", which it is.

The problem with the supreme court calling the Healthcare Reform act a Tax is the supreme court has validated a Breathing Tax, since it appears there are no methods to avoid the Tax based on changing one's behavior. 

I would have liked some provisions added to the Healthcare "breathing" Tax. 
  1. If you smoke, 
  2. drink excessively, 
  3. are more than 20 pounds overweight, 
  4. or can't walk a mile (and are under the age of 65 of course),

Then you must pay the HealthCare Tax.

These simple provisions give people an opt out option if they CHOOSE to avoid the HealthCare Tax, AKA, GET HEALTHIER THAN YOU ARE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE FORCED TO PAY THE HEALTHCARE TAX.

Choice, aka Choose, being the key aspect. You can't choose to breathe, you either do, or you die, and with this ruling, it appears the supreme court has taken away any and all opt out clauses to avoid paying the healthcare breathing tax, for everybody.

Most, if not all taxes are based on the creation of some type of product, service, or income. In the instance of the healthcare breathing tax, none of those three criteria have been met, you simply pay the healthcare tax, and you don't have a choice.

Even state car insurance laws that force people to carry car insurance only apply IF YOU DRIVE A CAR. If motivated, one could find a place to work near where they live, and walk, ride a bike, or take public transportation if they were MOTIVATED to opt out of the car insurance tax.

Not allowing americans the right to opt out of the healthcare breathing tax through hard work and righteous living is a pre-existing condition first formulated within the great credit card consumer debt wealth extraction caper that continues to this day.

There are literally tens of millions of americans who could begin reducing their overall credit card debt levels if the interest rate on their existing credit card debts were lowered. Rather than offer a low interest rate credit card debt payoff incentive program so people can work their way out of debt, none is offered and instead people are headed further into debt and financial ruin.
Is healthcare transparency being forced down every single american a transparency that all of our elected officials will follow as well? 
Yet, for elected officials, the cost for their healthcare  breathing tax coverage versus what they make every year will dwarf what it will cost the sinking lower class since it most likely will be illegal to charge one person a higher breathing tax premium simply because they make more money.
Sometimes citizens mistake freedom with the right to be irresponsible, knowing that if they really screw up the government will save them anyways. 

However, our government seems to have ignored the concept of the right to opt out, and does not see or believe in it's own people's ability, or right, to EARN the right to opt out, EARN as in not by making money and paying an involuntary breathing tax, but avoiding the breathing tax by hard work and personal responsibility towards maintaining a healthier body. 

And that, is cruel and inhuman punishment.

Please Download the Chase Bank Protest Flyer for FREE, and then all that needs to be done is just give a few copies out, it is really that simple.


johnsmart said...

I want out of this tax based on the fact that I am bionic!

Alessandro Machi said...

Very clever comment as it can be interpreted as being on either side of the issue. You are so smart. (I bet you hate that)

If you are implying that nobody is above healthcare, I would disagree. Some people would rather just die when it is their time and not put society through a ton of costs keeping them alive for no good reason, especially if there is no other family member involved who would miss them.

Other people don't want to take pills unless it is absolutely proven that a simple pill will prevent a catastrophic event. Many people don't want to end up taking a dozen pills a day.

Once a patient is forced to have healthcare, are they allowed to disobey doctor's orders, or will they be jailed?

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