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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shocking allegation from DailyPUMA, did NBC cancel Harry's Law to avoid political commercials, which get the lowest commercial rate that the network has previously charged to their regular advertisers?

A friend who once owned a radio station told me that the one thing about political radio ads that he hated the most, he was required by law to charge them the lowest ad rate that he had charged for a regular commercial!

This is a big deal, lets say one month the radio station has several unfilled spots, so they want to give a super discount just to fill those spots. Apparently, that same rate must be given to political ads!

Assuming that television political ads are given the lowest placement costs the way that radio political ads are, (I apologize I don't know this for sure, that's what happens when you're an independent blogger) all one has to do is look at the Save Harry's Law Facebook page and see all the facebook ads on the right side of the column, they are all political ads! (at least they are for me, with facebook it's also dependent on who the viewer is).  

Is it possible that NBC realized that Harry's Law was going to get a TON of political ads between now and the 2012 election, and they did not want to be forced to sell their ads at the lowest cost?

If most of the people who visit the Save Harry's Law facebook page are seeing facebook political ads, then perhaps we can assume that someone at NBC with a bit too much power decided to cancel Harry's Law so that NBC would not be saddled with too many low cost political ads!

If this is allegation is even remotely true, heads should roll, fines should be levied, and frankly, whomever made such a cutthroat decision is a television executive terrorist who must be rooted out and removed.

There could be actual political motivations at play here. The case could be made that because Harry's Law is a show that democrats and independents might watch moreso than republicans (because of the defense attorney theme), that it would be a attractive show for republicans to run commercials to try and get democrats who are on the fence to vote republican this fall.

The ageism issue that is disenfranchising over 7.5 million aged fifty and over Harry's Law viewers because 1.5 million under aged fifty were not watching (it was 1.1 million) is appalling, and suspicious, and could very well be explained by NBC's desire to not allow Harry's law to be used for political ads.

Please Download the Chase Bank Protest Flyer for FREE, and then all that needs to be done is just give a few copies out, it is really that simple.


Bob said...

Harry is my favorite Republican.

Alessandro Machi said...

A message to anonymous (whose "BS" cryptic comment was removed), any chance you might use another name since you seem to have a vendetta against DailyPUMA.

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