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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nevada Media Bias in 2008 against Hillary Clinton exposed by Bill Clinton as he kicks a reporter's arse, Verbally and Intellectually.

It's just amazing how the ABC news reporter in this 2008 interview kept trying to pound Bill Clinton with a "Hillary should back off meme" on a Las Vegas caucus lawsuit filed by the teacher's union, a     lawsuit Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with.
Mark Matthews asks Bill Clinton, 
"If the Culinary Workers had not endorsed Obama, would they still be dealing with "it"? (aka the "lawsuit" filed by the teacher's union upset because their votes counted for 1/5th what the culinary union's vote counted)
My response,
"Of course they would still "be dealing with it", you moron reporter. The Obama camp would have filed a lawsuit about the unfairness of having the Vegas Strip caucus votes count for FIVE TIMES AS MUCH as those who voted off the strip and how it was politics as usual.
Bill Clinton's TRUTH in Responding.
"You know, "this is a one man (person), one vote country", and I amazed nobody like you (the reporter), ever, you should be offended by this. Do you think one person's vote should count five times as much as another?"
Reporter Mark Matthews of Oakland
"I think it looks as though, a lot of people, the Clinton campaign, the Clinton Supporters, (Clinton interrupts to correct the idiot reporter who appears bent on harassing  the Hillary Clinton campaign as he mistakenly attributes the Teacher's Union lawsuit with the Hillary Clinton campaign). 
Bill Clinton
So when you ask me that question, your position is, that you think the culinary workers votes should count. 
A. they should, it should be easier for them to vote then for anyone else in Nevada that has to work on Saturday, that's your first position, second, that when do they do vote, their vote should count for five times as much as everybody else, that's what the teachers have questioned. 
So if that's YOUR position, you have, get on your television station and say, "I don't care about the home mortgage crisis, all I care about is making sure that some voters have it easier than others, and that when they do vote, when it's already easier for them, their votes should count five times as much as others, that is your position.
If you want to take that position, get on the television and take it, don't be accusatory with me, I had nothing to do with this lawsuit.
Some people in Nevada are old fashioned, they think the rules should be the same for everybody, and everybody's vote should count the same. I had nothing to do with that lawsuit, and you know it.....
Bill Clinton (continued)
.....The state democratic party is in the position of defending a system that makes it easier for some people then others to vote, and counts those other votes five times as much, and they readily admit that no one knew, or could have known that at that time, that's the difference, and you should tell that.
How do you feel now, you moron reporter, and how is the state of  Nevada doing with the home foreclosure mess, you imbecile. lol, you aren't even from Nevada, you're from Oakland!

You did it to yourself, you stupid fuck head Reporter, and you fucked over Nevada's voters. The Reporter kind of looks like he had had a few too many of Obama's media buffets at the culinary worker's caucus votes, if you ask me.

And then ABC Reporter Matthews repeated two other Obama minion meme mimics, "It was already agreed to"...followed by "now you want to change the rule after the fact because you don't like the result", bullshit.

The real truth is this, anything Hillary Clinton did to stop Obama's bullshit tactics in 2008 would have been reported by the media as either "Hillary Clinton is afraid of Obama", or, "being the favorite is not enough for Hillary Clinton, she has to get her way on everything"...

It is called "Fair Reflection", you moron reporter. The democrat party crapped over that one big time in 2008, and continues to crap on their own Political doctrine of fair reflection in 2012.

Here is how the interview appeared on television. There are a couple of technical glitches in this youtube version, but that's all I have access to.

So, all that matters is what the rules are, NOT IF THE RULES ARE FAIR, OR REPRESENT FAIR-REFLECTION for the democrat party.  

On a final note, the judge did not rule on the lawsuit.  I don't have the  exact quote, but the gist of it was, "if the democrat party wants to have rules that might be perceived as unfair, that is their choice and he would not intervene."

As for the allegation that the 5 to 1 was false, wikipedia (a somewhat biased wikipedia) stated it was "only" 2 to 1, and I don't believe that either since Obama got 64% of the delgates but only 45% of the vote.  

What is so comical about that is Barack Obama won all the caucus states delegate votes by a "2 to 1" margin, even though Hillary Clinton was either leading or at worst, tied with Obama in ALL POLLS, even the ones taken just a day or two before the caucus vote.

Even more sickening, pollsters STOPPED taking polls because the end results of the caucuses kept be so out of step with their polling, the polling revealing Hillary Clinton was either tied or leading, then losing by a two to one margin in the actual caucus fraud setting.

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Bob said...

You've been on a tear, lately. Go!Go!Go! btw--love the new column headers.

Alessandro Machi said...

lol, it's only a tear if someone notices! Thanks for noticing.

I have some doozies planned ahead as well, including a Louis C.K. article coming up that will blow your mind. The guy is amazing, and so pro woman, and I've got the videos that show that.

Thanks for noticing the headers. Come on you sleeping Hillary Clinton supporters, stand and up be heard!

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