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Monday, June 25, 2012

Matriarchy, Men, and their clash with Militant Feminism.

Fascinating interview, assuming that it is real, about the mosuo society in China that practices Matriarchy. While reading the article, one can see the irony of some of the situations that men are exposed to.

Some of the behavior expected of men, (like sleeping with a different woman every night), is considered typical, male brutish behavior in this society, yet the women in charge of this Chinese society require it!

The interview almost sounds made up. To the Militant Feminists out there, many males believe our own society is structured to protect the women. While our society may be a male dominated society in many ways, the legal system has put in place a way for woman to get a do over in their lives via divorce, even if it was their own behavior that mitigated the divorce.

Militant Feminist's never bring the "divorce for profit scheme" up either, which is why they lose  credibility.  Ask a militant feminist if a man has ever been screwed over in a divorce settlement, the feminist will just laugh because even if it were true, they just don't care.

How can militant feminism be taken seriously if it is so one sided?

There are likely millions of men who have been screwed over in a divorce. I bet any male reading this article knows of at least one male friend who got screwed over in a divorce.

A divorced male paying alimony in many ways is the new slave of our society. As for this particular article, most militant feminists would probably be upset at how easy it appears the men have it in a matriarchal society.

Here's another irony, some men would probably prefer living the mosuo way rather than putting their entire life and future into the arms of a woman who turns out to be a narcissistic dingbat, spoiled by first being daddy's little girl, then unable to accept that her man cannot provide the economic benefits, safety and comfort that daddy could.

What a horrible thing for some men to discover after a certain amount of time has lapsed in their marriage; some wives are still emotionally a child inside clinging to the happiness that daddy gave her, something their husband cannot match, resulting in a divorce so daddy's little girl can use alimony payments to have more fun out of life. (I am waiting on a 10 second dateline video clip that illustrates this point perfectly.)

The people probably most aware on how to have good relationships are probably militant feminists, but they are too busy being angry at men to do the world much good.

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