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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Churlish actions of some feminist bloggers.

It appears that some feminst blogs view males that post comments on their site in one of the two following manners.

If a male posts a comment about how women have been kept down by the media and Barack Obama's administration, the male is viewed as a condescending jerk trying to come to the aid of poor defenseless woman. This usually results in a feminist response of, "back off pal, we don't need your pity".

If males agree with the comments being made by feminists, that is viewed suspiciously as well, "um, we care what you think,why?"

If males remain silent about how the media and Barack Obama's administration orchestrated a disrespect of women that helped Obama win the presidency, then that's to be expected from typical male dunderheads that would rather choose whether to breathe or scratch every few seconds of their pointless lives than care about how Hillary Clinton was mistreated in 2008. 

So basically, no matter what a man does, feminists find the action or inaction cruel and typically evil.

Here's another example. How dare males not know that C.K. Louis is a female crucifying jerk! When asked for a link to some piece of video that verifies this point, none is offered, but the person making the request is viewed as a feminist agitator.

Apparently, not knowing that C.K. Louis is allegedly a feminist bashing male comic clearly proves just how daft men are who do not know a anti female male comic even after seeing some of that comic's work. (still waiting for a link that shows C.K. Louis as being anti female.)

This feminist perspective reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer is assaulted because he won't wear the aids ribbon. "What, you won't wear the ribbon, how dare you not wear the ribbon"!  

It's that exact same tone, "What, you don't know that C.K. Louis is a female crucifying jerk, then you MUST be a female crucifying jerk if you don't know C.K. Louis is one! Asking for a link that shows an example leads to the classic elementary school remark, "If you don't know, then I'm not going to bother telling you". 

And don't ever bring up that it was the power women in 2008 who put Barack Obama over the top. "What, you just offended EVERY FEMINIST HERE with that comment, you stupid, purposely antagonist male".

The reality is Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile, and to a lesser extent Maria Shriver openly supporting Barack Obama well before he had been vetted. 

With two supposedly solid democrat candidates that most democrats liked in 2008 (Obama and Clinton), why were these well known woman so for Obama and so against Hillary Clinton before all the democrat primary votes had been counted?  

Answer, probably personal money and power gains shaped their decision. All of these women have benefited financially by backing Barack Obama rather than remaining neutral, although Oprah Winfrey did have an eventual viewer backlash.

But beyond that, (and I left this part out because I assumed that feminists were smart and got it without it being stated) the female support for Obama then allowed the men in media to gang up on Hillary Clinton, and the men did so in droves. 

If anything, the above scenario actual identifies the power of women in today's world for making a huge difference in the 2008 democrat nominee race.  Without the prominent female support of Barack Obama that was displayed so early on, the men would have had to tone down their caustic remarks immensely.

Instead, this position is labeled as "just a man trying to be a jerk" and blame women for the 2008 Hillary Clinton nomination derailment.  How dare a male mention that powerful women allowed the men to  to be so openly against Hillary Clinton in 2008.

For both men and women, it was hurtful in 2008 to see so many powerful women fall for Obama and publicly advocate his nomination over Hillary Clinton, who was clearly the superior candidate and full of crap.

Obama has now assisted in over a million homeowners unfairly losing their homes via parallel foreclosure and continues to crap on the Clinton legacy by doing nothing but raising national debt levels.

As for using the man hating card accusation, yes, some feminists will bring that card up, first, before the accused man can, as if that somehow deflects their own tenacious man hating tendencies. 

I saw a form of that scam played out in 2008 when Keith Olberman liked to repeat over and over some of Hillary Clinton's best lines about Barack Obama's ineptitude, hoping that if he said them enough times in a row with disgust on his face that it would would woo the masses for Barack Obama.

What is the conclusion? Feminists blogs will not trust most male commenters for having an opinion that is slightly different from their own, nor will they trust males who agree with them, and they will scorn males who don't get involved in the plight of women as well.

My question is, just what is left? 

What is left for a non sexist man to do, is to do what actual sexist men do, and that is to IGNORE THE angry feminists and their hostility, or fight back. Neither scenario is actually productive, and that is saddest of all.

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Bob said...

Who the hell is C.K. Louis? Don't know; don't really care, particularly if he is another right-wing thug. You are correct in your assessment of some of the blogs, though I don't usually get assailed-- just ignored. I really get tired of the "all men are pigs" rhetoric. I've quit visiting a few of them because of that tone and I certainly have no answers and being such a "feminazi" (and I truly am), that really troubles me. It's bad enough being called a racist, but I really hate being called a sexist.

Alessandro Machi said...

You don't know who C.K. Louis is? You must be a sexist. Oh wait, I was a sexist because I had seen him on television and never saw the sexism that apparently is so obvious.

But asking for a video that shows his sexism, how dare I!

By the way, his first show on HBO, that lasted a couple of seasons, was absolutely brilliant, and his wife was tough, and likable.

Clearly this was a clever plot by Louis to trick the masses into liking him by portraying his wife as both tough but likeable, the scoundrel!

Still waiting for the proof about C.K. Louis being a woman hater.

Thanks for commenting Bob, I wish more and more there were more men out there like you who blog and who liked Hillary Clinton.

VB said...

Hi Alessandro,

I'm sorry you've been offended by some feminist bloggers. Since I've known you, you've been consistently supportive of women's rights. I fear that a hostile style of communication became dominant and habitual early on in the blogosphere, and it will take a lot of understanding and compassion to turn that around. All the best, VB.

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks VB. I don't feel offended, I feel defeated by people that are allegedly on the same side.

Alessandro Machi said...

Bob, about you proudly saying you are a male feminazi, (a term coined by Rush Limbaugh to attack feminist activity).

I guess that might make you a meninazi, who is at best tolerated by the feminazis.

Or maybe having your posts ignored by the feminists when you post on their blogs is the highest form of flattery???

Bob said...

Meninazi! I love it! And in emulating my literary hero, Willie S., I think I'll just steal it.

Alessandro Machi said...

Just be careful you don't get put on a "watch list" or "person of interest" list. Harry's Law did a terrific episode on "person of interest".

NBC canceled Harry's Law because it was too popular with people over the age of 49. If you happen to be a Harry's Law fan want to try and save it, consider liking the save Harry's Law facebook page.

Joseph said...

You know what I say: All isms are prisons. That includes feminism.

Every human being has the right to write the truth as he or she sees it. Just write as you want.

Alessandro Machi said...

Excellent point Joseph.

The frustrating part is A, having an anonymous person not only slander me, but then prevent me from responding even as they pile on the comments and inflame their readers, who are basically forced to agree or be labeled a traitor.

Bob said...

I love Harry's Law! The drone killing episode is my favorite, I think. I will like immediately.

Anonymous said...

I was reading the blog when the latest "event" took place.
Why not link to the offending blogs and allow people to judge for themselves, instead of feeding them a revisionist narrative?

Men and women have tolerated your sexist comments for at least 4 years. You never seem to examine the negative feedback you've been given, even when it has been patient and clearly compassionate.

You always jump to the defensive and conjure up reasons it is impossible for you to be wrong, or, at least, educable.

Good luck in the Victimization Olympics.


Alessandro Machi said...

For starters, "anonymous", I hate when bloggers try to lure their own readers into their fights, especially when there was no fight, the fight was created out of thin air by the other moderator.

I thought by not mentioning the blog, it would be the peaceful way to go, by instead focusing on what I was put through without publicly naming the other blog.

Instead, you come here and slander my good work over the past four years in one fell swoop, attempting to win at any costs while also berating me for not trying to escalate the discussion by mentioning where it happened.

You realize I was banned from responding to the slanderous and sometimes just plain dumb responses that were made, primarily by the moderator.

Even when people attempt to take the high road and explain what went wrong, someone has to find a reason to object to that as well. I've explained everything very accurately in the article above. It all correlates to the article in question that you "witnessed".

YOU can leave the link if YOU want to, I have no objections to that. I do object to slanderers who don't even use their real name or an attributable name, but in this instance what can I do?

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