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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"The best intentioned man". Holy Crap, can we tone down the man hating militant feminism just a bit?

A quote from a former 2008 Hillary Clinton blogger turned Obot, with a huge dash of man hating militant feminism thrown in, and, here is the quote ...
Even the best intentioned man can get pulled back into the old boys club after a number of years of marriage and fatherhood. The media, their jobs and the entertainment industry absolutely empower them to be reckless with their family relationships.”
Holy Crap, what is the female version of “mansplain”?
Even the best intentioned man?  
As in, even the best intentioned man is still lower than the worst intentioned woman? 

Probably every guy out there knows at least one male friend who got ROYALLY SCREWED OVER in a divorce settlement.

I'll go one step farther, probably every guy out there knows at least one male friend who got ROYALLY SCREWED OVER in a divorce settlement because the woman never grew up from being daddy's little girl and compared her husband's ability to "provide" to daddy's ability to provide, and divorced her husband as a result. 

Thus leaving "the best intentioned man" penniless as he now pays alimony for his ex-wife, the kids, their place of living, and his own place to live, and taxes to the government as well.  

Meanwhile "the best intentioned man's" ex-wife flits around in a new relationship, milking all the empathy (and alimony money, alimoney?) she can out of being the victim of a divorce she initiated against "the best intentioned men"

I bet there are five million "best intentioned man" in the United States walking around in a hypberbolic daze, stunned at the loss of everything they cared about in life, yet having to work two jobs to survive as a result. 

I bet the men hating militant feminism who adore Hillary Clinton never mention these five million "best intentioned males" when they whip their own feminist minions into a man hating frenzy.

"Even the best intentioned man". Does one really get how condemning, elitist, and insufferable that five word phrase really is?  

I do.  

Instead of using a more calming, cast the net over a portion of the male population such as, "some men", or "some well intentioned men", the phrase is an all encompassing all men all the time, EVEN THE BEST INTENTIONED MAN means the best of the best, as in, Even the best of the best man, is still a scumbag waiting to inhale. 

And what better source than a man hating feminist blogger who allegedly likes Hillary Clinton.

I'm begging all men hating militant feminists who allegedly love Hillary Clinton to just admit that is what you are (perhaps leave out Hillary Clinton's name?) and identify yourself on your blog that way. 

Do it for Hillary Clinton, PLEASE.  Every man hating militant feminist blogger who is for Hillary Clinton is scaring away hundreds of men from ever voting for Hillary Clinton.
My question to the men hating militant feminist bloggers, are you really worth the amount of votes you cause Hillary Clinton to lose?


Bob said...

How about the even worse scenario of the children being manipulated into accusing daddy of kiddy diddling? Remember what that road to Hell is paved with.

Alessandro Machi said...

I loathe your choice of phrasing there. I've never heard it before and kind of wish it had stayed that way. I have a Louis C.K. comedy bit that I will be including in an upcoming dailypuma article that after you see you might agree with me as well.

Bob said...

Sorry. I've heard that my entire life for pedophilia but my larger point, irregardless of poor word choices, remains. I also know men who have become so, er, gun shy, that they have quit volunteering to work with youth sports lest they accidentally get left alone with a child.

Alessandro Machi said...

Word choices can matter, as evidenced by the purpose of this article.

Your second point is spot on. I adopted the same philosophy a long time ago. If a single man does not put up their own boundaries, someone else eventually will, even if lying is involved.

It's also a respect thing. I would never respond to a child unless the parents were very close by and I had established eye contact with them that it was ok to respond to their child.

In essence, society requires non married males, and perhaps married males as well, who are not pedophiles, to act as if they have already have been labeled a pedophile and are now on probation and someone is watching them at all times, to avoid being accused of being a pedophile.

I actually don't have a problem with that but it sure puts an extra layer of structure as to how one behaves in public.

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