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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You may be supporting Obama's economic policies without even realizing it.

While I only endorse a Hillary Clinton presidency, immediately if not sooner, some of you who are unhappy with the fraud and deception that occurred in the 2008 democrat primary are blindly supporting Barack Obama without even realizing it.

Some of you with blogs, even some of you with blogs who get a lot more viewership than Daily PUMA does, are DEAD WRONG when it comes to policies regarding consumer debt.

Many people with consumer debt were not irresponsible acquiring that debt. Much of the consumer debt that people have now was based on 2006 home values. Debt accrual based on 2006 home values was tolerable back then when home equity values were anywhere from 40% to 75% higher than they are now. But based on diminished home values in 2012 of 40% to 75% of the value a homeowner had back in 2006, those same consumer debts are absolutely insufferable.

The crazy part is the neo con republicans say, "get a job", or, "get a second job" in regards to that pre-existing consumer debt that was based on debt when consumers had much more equity, while progressive democrats clamor for debt forgiveness. BOTH POSITIONS are stupid.

The ideal solution is what I call Debt Neutrality. No new interest rate charges, penalties or fees are charged on existing consumer debt and in exchange for that incentive the consumer agrees to either lower their overall consumer debt each and every month, or, if unemployed, the debtor agrees to pay down their debt whenever they have a certain amount of monthly income.

If you disagree with the concept of debt neutrality, then you are an Obamaist because all Obama wants to do is GIVE OUT LOANS and PUT MORE PEOPLE IN MORE DEBT!

Anytime Obama speaks about the economy, he talks about government loan programs, and that is it!  If wall street is not going to be properly punished for the HUGE home securitization fraud they committed that resulted in the loss of 7 to 10 TRILLION DOLLARS in home equity value since 2006, and if all Obama can offer is more government loans, then the actual alternative that would work is incentivizing debt reduction so people can dig themselves out of their own financial hole.

But for consumers to dig themselves out of their own financial hole, they can't have bankers throwing more dirt on them in the form of additional interest rate charges, penalties and fees at the same time the consumer is shoveling in earnest to get out of the financial hole they already have.

If you do not come forward in support of debt neutrality, you are inadvertently supporting either Barack Obama's create more consumer and small business debt tactics, or Mitt Romney's cut social services far far back while increasing military spending routine.

Ask yourself this, what would Hillary Clinton do? 

Would Hillary Clinton really have offered debt forgiveness?  Really?????  I don't think Hillary Clinton believes in irresponsible entitlements, whereas Barack Obama relies on them to further his political career.

Would Hillary Clinton cut social programs and raise military expenditures? I don't think so either.

The conclusion I reach is Hillary Clinton would want to give americans the best chance possible to dig themselves out of their own financial hole without having fat cat bankers profiting each and every step of the way.

Please Download the Chase Bank Protest Flyer for FREE, and then all that needs to be done is just give a few copies out, it is really that simple.

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