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Friday, April 13, 2012

Outing Hilary Rosen, why do some Hillary Clinton traitors end up at the Huffington Post?

I outed Hilary Rosen four years ago on my Hillary-Wins blog for her Huffington Post faux article on why she still was supporting Hillary Clinton even though in her words Clinton no longer had a chance to win. 

Hill Buzz had come up with the phrase "concern troll" regarding Obama operatives that would pine for Hillary even though they knew it was impossible for her to win.

The Huffington post 2008 article written by Hilary Rosen was a classic "concern troll" literary fabrication. Rosen pined for something that she realized was no longer possible (even though her claim that Clinton's democratic nomination in 2008 a lost cause was actually untruthful) Concern Troll equals "I feel your pain, but now its time to come to reality".

Rosen's recent attack against Mitt Romney's wife, Ann Romney,
smells of the kind of attack that Hillary Clinton was subjected to early on in the 2008 democratic race by Soros, MSNBC and Huffington Post operatives.

Hillary Clinton was attacked during the 2008 democratic nomination race as having done NOTHING during her time in the white house but direct white house staff to serve crumpets and tea to her tea party guests in between her shredding whitewater documents with her fingernails. 

And once again, we can find the Huffington Post taking the worst shots, witness the Ari Emanuel hit piece on Hillary Clinton. The Emanuel article ridicules Hillary Clinton for claiming to play a role in inspiring Irish women to be catalysts in the Irish peace treaty.  

This was the typical Huffington Post bile that has been regularly heaped at female politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, or those connected to politicians such as Ann Romney, or ridiculing Irish Housewives for the insinuation that they had any influence in the Ireland peace treaty, women just don't matter unless Arianna Huffington decides they matter.

Dick Morris possibly had the most outrageous quote of all... 

...Clinton critics like Dick Morris, a onetime political adviser to President Bill Clinton, ridiculed her foreign agenda as little more than ceremonial fluff.
“During her international travels, there was no serious diplomacy, just a virtually endless round of meetings with women, visiting arts-and-crafts centers, watching native industries and photo opportunities for the local media,” Morris wrote recently.
Inspiring women across the world to become more involved in their own communities to saving lives by meeting with women who were in danger of becoming political shrapnel until Hillary Clinton gave them a public spotlight; are we supposed to believe Morris's patriarchally dim witted view that these highly regarded but under publicized politically active women in foreign countries that Hillary Clinton met with just did not matter?

The republicans accused Hillary Clinton of being "Billary", while the Soros/Huffington Post MSNBC led Obama supporters accused Hillary Clinton of being the equivalent of a "Whitehousewife", that is quite some range. 

Hillary "Snowball" Clinton had the neocon republicans and the progressive democrats questioning her time in the white house. The smart people, the moderate liberals, the PUMA's, knew better.

4 years later, and Hilary Rosen trumpets the SAME THEME of trivializing women when she speaks of Anne Romney, and of course, its from the Soros fortified cesspool known as the Huffington Post.

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Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

It is interesting to note that these proponents of "choice" do not allow for a "choice" involving birthing, then raising healthy children in an intact marriage.

Or, for that matter, choosing to marry such that one will not be forced to work like a dog or live like a pauper the rest of one's life.

Yet another way in which the Obama brigade has entirely lost me for the Dem Party.

Marrying well. Staying married. And raising children within a marriage are no walk in the park. They are choices, and as such ... come with ups and downs. Ask Hillary Clinton. Or Ann Romney. Or any number of married women in even the most ordinary of circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Rosen openly criticized Hillary and offered Koolaid c. June 4, 2008.


However in her CNN remark about Ann Romney and Ann's Tweet, imo Rosen is right and the Romney campaign is unfairly misrepresenting Rosen's remark.

/turndownobama at h44/

Alessandro Machi said...

It's more the idea that some women have decided to be the decider for all women, women like Oprah Winfrey, Maria Shriver, Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile,
Hilary Rosen, Arianna Huffington.

None of these women are about empowering women unless they get the credit for it.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me is Ann Romney's behavior here: misrepresenting Rosen's remark as an attack on ALL home mothers and Motherhood(tm) in general.

In context, Rosen was criticizing Mitt Romney for bringing up his wife as an expert on women's issues (such as Lily Ledbetter) to deflect questions about his own policies on such specific payroll workplace issues.

Remember when Hillary said "Robert Kennedy was assassinated in June"? Olberman and others took that out of context and misrepresented it as a wish for Obama to be assassinated!

Rosen's comment at CNN took about 1300 words and was a complex argument which had nothing to do with Motherhood.

The telling point is that instead of responding at an equal level, Ann R. JOINED Twitter so that she could respond with a 140 character soundbyte ignoring Rosen's point and playing the Mommy Card.

(Of course it was really the Romney campaign that hastily set up a Twitter account and sent out their version through their other channels.)


Alessandro Machi said...

Yes, I remember the Kennedy comment, and Olbermann's maniacal 9 minute rant against Hillary Clinton on his thankfully ended MSNBC show, and Huffington Post's rant against Clinton, along with literally hundreds of attacks, even Larry David got into the act, YES, LARRY DAVID of Seinfeld and Curb your Enthusiasm fame went off on Clinton over the clipped Kennedy comment.

So now, the very people who hung Hillary Clinton out to dry by mincing her words for their own selfish agenda, are to be treated fairer than the millions of middle class america who have been forever victimized by a president who is a wall street stooge and was put there by Huff Po, MSNBC, Soros, Pelosi and on down the line?

scottymac54 said...

IMO, all you need to do, is to read the comments on the unions, Muslims, Zimmerman, gays (under the pretext of insulting Reagan), the banks, abortion, healthcare, etc., and you will KNOW that they will never support Hillary, or any other left-of-the-new-center candidates (and you really have to wonder how many of these "lifelong Dems" really were, given the dramatic nature of their political turnabouts).

Except for one of them, none have Dems or liberals of any variety participating there. A few get openly confronted and harassed for their views, and leave, and the rest took the implicit message and fell away soon after.

So your question is well-taken, but probably belated. So many former Hillary supporters still cry over May 2008 as this momentous, life-changing personal event, but what have they done lately, except whine over Barky's latest antics?

Nothing is thought out from scratch with them, as it was back in the day....they take their news from the same right-wing "opinion leaders" on four or five news sources and fall into the same laziness of thought and trap of perpetual indignation that the "Reagan Democrats" fell for, thirty years ago.

Hillary, on a profound level, understands what has happened. A tremendous effort was quietly made in New York on her behalf, several months ago. Some of these supporters were longtime personal friends and political allies who have much to lose. What was she to tell them, given the treachery from 2008 and the devolution of so many of her rank-and-file?

Well, Mr. Machi, this is an interesting endeavor of yours. Keep up the good work, and the best of luck to you.

Alessandro Machi said...

Nice comment, Scotty Mac.

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