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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I tried to avoid all information about Weiner, but it's just too hard.

(Edit note update June 14, 2011), I just heard a few minutes of the John and Ken KFI radio show and they were mentioning that congressperson Weiner may have a true psychological disorder. If this is the case, should we all be this against him, especially if he is actually seeking help? end of update.

While trying to avoid any and all references about Mr. Weiner, some pictures of his abs and chest were suddenly paraded on one of the television news stations.

The picture of Mr. Weiner's abs and chest made me realize something, the guy appears to be very slender, yet muscular, and, he is really proud of his body. I just want to suggest that the only people who should really be judging Mr. Weiner are other's who have taken the time to keep their bodies chiseled the way that it appears Mr. Weiner has.

The point is really simple, it's easy to judge someone else's narcissism when we haven't taken the time to be in the same physical shape as they. For those of us who can't match up to Mr. Weiner's pecs or abs, we all should just lighten up and let those who also have well toned pecs and abs decide Mr. Weiner's fate.
I'm curious if we'll ever see a twitter controversy over twittered pictures of a portly congressman with more hair on his back than front, balding, blubbery, and proud of it.
One of the reason's Barack Obama survived a real vetting in 2008 was that people were attacking his supporters, and in many instances Obama's supporters were of a different ethnicity than the person doing the attacking or accusing. This racial difference between the attackers and those under scrutiny allowed for the cry of racism to be made.

Let no portly, balding, harried back person out there have their voice heard when it comes to opposing what Weiner did since their opinion is completely irrelevant because they can't match up physically to Mr. Weiner's physique.

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