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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Polarizing Cable News Channels are ruining the United States.

Barack Obama admires Jamie Dimon. Dimon, Winfrey and Obama all have their business roots in Chicago.

It is silly to criticize Jamie Dimon's tactics while liking Barack Obama. Obama's campaign engineered the biggest pre-paid credit card donation swindle ever perpetrated during a presidential campaign.

Wall street wanted Barack Obama in 2008, not Hillary Clinton, because Hillary Clinton has way less wall street puppet strings attached to her than Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton can't win in 2012 because cable news reporting is intentionally decisive, pushing people into either supporting MSNBC and Barack Obama, or Fox News and the republican candidate.

Ironically, there is a huge swath in the middle, called main street, who are Hillary Clinton supporters and who have been disregarded and marginalized.

Until we have a cable news network that is not as polarizing as either Fox or MSNBC, nothing will "change".

Isn't it ironic that polarizing cable news channels were the ones that tried to stick Hillary Clinton with the polarizing label in 2008?

Look no further than the Wisconsin collective bargaining ongoing news story. MSNBC didn't focus on numbers, nor intelligent compromise solutions, (such as collapsing the numerous collective bargaining unions into ONE COLLECTIVE). Fox didn't focus on solutions other than simply eliminating collective bargaining.

In the cadence of Charlie Sheen various sloganeering, the new catch word is, POLARIZING!

1 comment:

Bob said...

Decades ago I said Raygun's repeal of the Fairness Doctrine would lead to the unraveling of this country. I was right. You are just as right.

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