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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ladder to the Moon by Barack Obama's half sister is a tribute to their mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.

One of my biggest pet peeves against Barack Obama was that he was writing his tribute book about his sperm donor father in the early 90's in Bali, even as his mother was being diagnosed and fighting cancer in Hawaii. Barack Obama literally had to fly over where his mother was fighting cancer in Hawaii to go Bali.

I have not been able to find an actual exact Timeline of Barack Obama's book writing in Bali and his mother's battle with cancer in Hawaii, but even if the book was barely finished when Stanley Ann Dunham was first diagnosed with cancer, isn't it odd that a book about his deadbeat and passed father was of such priority that he could not find the time to fight for the life of his still living mother?

Maybe the excuse would be, when Barack Obama was in Bali, his mother had not been diagnosed yet, when the book was finished, then he learned of his mother's conditions, and by then he could not afford the additional time off to be there for his mother.

Ok, I would be able to accept that, assuming it were true, and IF Barack Obama had not OWNED his mother's cancer treatment battle with the insurance companies as if it were his own personal struggle by referring to it during the 2008 democratic presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton, in campaign commercials, and then again in the second debate against John McCain.
It appears that Barack Obama chose to write his book about his deadbeat dad in Bali but then was not there for his mother when she was diagnosed with cancer soon after Barack's book was finished. The press has never asked him about the timing of these two relatively close events in his life.
Would you prioritize writing a tribute book about one of your passed parents and then not personally helping your still living parent in their battle against cancer? Would you then use your own mother's cancer experience, of which it appears you did not participate in, to gain sympathy and votes for your own career?

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Dear Alessandro Machi

Fuck off, you sick, warped little puppy.

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