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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Lost Opportunity for Cruise Lines to bring huge amounts of food supplies to a devastated country.

Why can't the various cruise lines of the world get together and figure out a way to be ready to volunteer one of their ships to bring food when a major calamity occurs, like the kind that just happened in Japan.

There are over 200 cruise liners still in service. There are probably other retired cruise liners that could be gutted and converted to be a combination food products storage and medic station as well. As the food products get taken off the ships, the available space can then be used as a huge medic station.

I just don't like the idea that cruise liners may actually pass by death and devastation as if they are just passing through. I proposed this idea over a year ago when I read that cruise liners were docking on the opposite side of Haiti as a regularly scheduled part of their travels even as Haiti was gripped in their own earthquake tragedy.

Considering how wasteful cruise lines are in general, (cruise liners require one gallon of gasoline per hour for every person on board), it would be appropriate if they could help out when a country is devastated like Haiti and Japan have been devastated.

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