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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jonathan Alter Tributes Elizabeth Edwards, Alter also ridiculed John McCain for praising Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.

I am fuming right now. But, rather than spew here, read what AN ARSEHOLE Jonathan Alter was in 2008 when he visited Keith Olberman's show and spent over four minutes ridiculing John McCain after McCain made an incredibly eloquent speech about Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the media attacks she had to preservere through.

So I guess Alter can tribute women who have passed while piling on the BS against strong, successful women who are alive. Newsweek, and Alter, you stink.


Bob said...

Well, that got my blood pressure going.

Alessandro Machi said...

Maybe people who hold important positions in the media will think twice before they do stupid things like Alter did when he appeared on Keith Olbermanns show to dis John McCain over his very eloquent summation of HIllary Clinton's 2008 campaign.

The moment I saw Alter had tributed Edwards I had to remind those who read dailypuma of the two facedness of doing what Alter has done.

I had to stop watching MSNBC after the 2008 elections because there were so many outrages MSNBC was inflicting that by the time I recorded the clip, took a shot off the screen, wrote the text, then burned it into the photos, hours would go by!

So even though I don't watch now, I have some quotes saved from 2008 that I will refer to from time to time.

Thanks for commenting, Bob.

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