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Monday, December 27, 2010

Football: President Obama chats with Jeffrey Lurie, Congraulates him for signing Michael Vick -

There is more to this story. If the only reason Barack Obama had called Jeffrey Lurie was to talk about Michael Vick, that would absolutely freak me out. However, once again Barack Obama dodges a huge faux pas by also talking about the alternative energy plans that Lurie is planning on installing at Eagles stadium.

hey Barack Obama, there are millions of homeowners being foreclosed on every year in this country, and HAMP is bait and switch and probably a violation of the Federal Hobbs act, the extortion clause, lets focus on what matters.

Unless Barack Obama is eyeing the stadiums as foreclosure homes for those he's helping make homeless.


Anonymous said...

You had better be a good doggie, Bo.

Alessandro Machi said...

Oh, I get it now. ha ha, that's funny.

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