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Friday, November 26, 2010

Nancy Pelosi is the poster child for the abolition of gerrymandering.

Nancy Pelosi is only one of 8 DEMOCRATS that increased their margin of victory in 2010 from 2008 within their own voting district.

This helps explain how one becomes a narcissistic power monger in Congress. Gerrymander your own district to the point where you could win under almost any circumstance, grab power by intimidating those around you because they all know you will be back term after term, and then do whats best for yourself and your political cohorts even if it hurts millions of american homeowners being victimized by the very president she helped cheat to get into office in 2008.

Nancy Pelosi's sidekick, Harry Reid, was also able to win against a somewhat scatterbrained, fast talking unknown who actually should have won, and no doubt, once again, gerrymandering made the final difference as the race was not even that close. (edit update: Nov. 28, 1:53pm, 2010 lol, I just realized that gerrymandering doesn't affect the Senate, only the house.)

Nonetheless, Democrats are dumbocrats for allowing gerrymandering to continue as it allows the truly crazy to stay in power for far too long.

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