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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Misogynistic, Racist Wrongness of Jeremiah Wright revisited two years later.

This four minute video of Jeremiah Wright talking about the plight of the black man versus the white privileged Hillary Clinton was minimized by the media back in 2008. Yet two and a half years later and the racist, misogynistic message has been upstaged by something else.

What the heck does ANY OF IT, have to do with being president of the United States?

Ask yourself that question as you watch this video, what does any of the blather by Reverend Wright have anything to do with being president, and being a GOOD president.

I seem to recall that Caroline Kennedy is seen as "privileged". Is Reverend Wright putting Hillary Clinton into the same class as Caroline Kennedy? Really? Can there be a bigger slap in the face then to imply that Hillary Clinton and Caroline Kennedy are the same type of people when they have led entirely different lives?

Who is Reverend Wright to start lumping entire races of people into one type? And to do it to the Clintons, of all people, is just beyond insane verbosity.

It saddens me that some PUMA's, rather than fight for their own party, chose to switch, and in the process, allowed lunatics like Wright to continue to win.


gretsu said...

It's not racism so much as sexism. I don't see this guy lumping white men together as being one and the same. And that speech has always ticked me off. My ass Hillary Clinton doesn't know what it's like to be passed up for somebody less capable and intelligent. If by some miracle she didn't, she sure does now.

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Gretsu, I emphasized racism because of Wright's reference to privileged "white" women. But you are right, it was sexism, but it was also racism as well.

And for what its worth, the term misogynist is the hatred of women, or in this case, the hatred of white allegedly privileged women.

Bob said...

I remember that clip-- it sent me after the blood pressure meds then-- and it still does. Oh, and thanks for your herculean effort with all your blogs-- this is one of the most informative stops on the Intertoobz.

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