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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hillary Clinton would have limited the economic devastation that has hit Main Street under Barack Obama's Guidance.

Don't give up, Hillary Clinton fans. People in high places, such as Robert Reich, are sending out public smoke signals (caution, link to goes to Robert Reich article on Huffington Post, one of Hillary Clinton's biggest enemies in 2007 and 2008) that Barack Obama is not up to the task of standing up to Wall Street. They aren't exactly saying that, but they are using statistical data to show that Barack Obama is incapable or unwilling to help main street even as wall street "recovers".

Nor does Obama even have an inkling on how a main street economy actually fuels Wall Street.Obama thinks it's the other way around, that wall street fuels main street, and millions of americans are unnecessarily losing their homes during his presidency because of his backwards thinking.

What I wrote in response to Robert Reich's article,
Thank you for speaking the truth. The HAMP program, apparently started under Bush and propagated by Barack Obama, is an illegal government program that violates the Federal Hobbs Act. Both George Bush, and now Barack Obama, should be impeached over HAMP.

Taxpayer funded program requires american citizens fall behind 3-4 months on their mortgage payment, causing parallel foreclosure to kick in even for the consumer to become eligible for HAMP, and this is a VIOLATION of the Federal Hobbs Act, the extortion clause.

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