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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chicago Dentist runs ad supporting Hillary Clinton for President in 2012.

As I stated in a previous article, Hillary Clinton will need a political news channel that won't go in the tank for the biggest democratic progressive spending candidate, (and well before the democratic presidential race was actually decided), which is what happened in 2008.

However, since most new prime time television programming is aimed at the under 35-40 years of age crowd, it becomes difficult to then run news programming aimed at the over 35-40 crowd. Even the late night stand up comedians cater their comedy to the younger people, and of course, part of their "comedy" includes making fun of Hillary Clinton.

There is a built in television production cycle that is funded by Wall Street and the bankster industry and their desire is to financially indenture younger people because revolving credit card debt from a 20 something is the most profitable type of debt there is.

Fox Television is the perfect model of what is needed for the Hillary Clinton voter base, but Fox is primarily a republican channel and even if Fox ran stories exposing the lying and deceit of the democratic party, it would not be reaching the right demographic base.

Another channel is needed. TV Land is catering to the over 35 crowd, but they are somewhat rudderless and clueless and would need to be "guided" into a nightly news programming show that would simply reveal what MSNBC refuses to reveal.

Click here for CNN Story. The comments section was closed very quickly as many Hillary Clinton supporters began commenting.

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