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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Note about Mountain Sage Blog.

Most definitely Mountain Sage is not a PUMA blog, actually has a link to "Stupid Pumas" on there. I just seem to recall they were pro Hillary Clinton at one point. It appears that Mountain Sage believes the only PUMA's are stupid ones.


Not your sweetie said...

I could have told you this back in 2008. She ran a forum for exiled PUMAs from DU. Sometimes during the GE she did a search unraveling a wingnut lie against Obama and got kudos from Obama's brown shirts.
Immediately she started censoring any Palin favorable comment and in the end closed the forum, refusing to hand it over to anyone not converted like she was.

Alessandro Machi said...

lol, PUMA'a are not supposed to convert. Protest votes for other candidates are fine, but to actually forgive and forget what the media and the democratic party higher ups did to Hillary Clinton in 2008 is not a forgivable or forgettable action UNLESS the perpetrator publicly admits to the conspiracy and apologizes and agrees that caucus voting is too easy to manipulate and should be outlawed.

Caucusing is interesting, its the voting within the caucusing that makes a joke of the whole voting process and the democrats are doing nothing to fix what they did wrong in 2008.

Will Bower has an interesting proposal for eliminating the democratic caucus process and the group is located on facebook.

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