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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Mel Gibson tapes.

I've only heard a portion of one or two of the Mel Gibson tapes. It appears something was done to the tapes that is not "natural". "Not natural" could be something as simple as calling Gibson from a sound studio with the intent of recording the dialogue, the unfairness of that being entrapment AND more importantly, mismatched audio quality between the two people speaking. If she is going to record the conversation, both sides of the call should be of similar quality, otherwise I believe that can be considered manipulation.

It is also possible that some editing or re manipulation of the audio or the pacing of the audio was done as well (see above, hee hee hee).

However, one thing I would advise people who have gotten all caught up in this "thing" is to take a moment and reflect on how did these two people find each other, court each other, and woo each other during the beginning stages of their relationship?

I have a feeling that Mel Gibson is no different now than he was at the beginning of the relationship. The difference being back then both sides were interested in a relationship and now perhaps one or both sides is not interested in continuing.

Obviously if Gibson actually punched her he is a fool, a big time fool. One aspect to being verbally aggressive is to do it as a way of venting anger that could otherwise go physical. If Mel did both verbal abuse and then physical abuse, then he is a big time dunce.

If Gibson's anger stems from the belief that he realizes he has been played, then that needs to be considered, but once again, would not condone the physical abuse at all.

I don't like all the focus being on these tapes and none being on the beginning of the relationship, the two aspects need to be analyzed in conjunction with one another before judgements are ultimately passed.

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