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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zogby Poll, The Clintons, and Barack Obama,

When Hillary Clinton was being railroaded by the media and George Soros's money to get out of the 2008 democratic race, I made internet pleas for a Rich Hillary Clinton supporter to pay for a poll about who would handle the economy better between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

That poll never happened, but this poll did happen 20 months later (aka a month ago). This is more typical Hillary Clinton bashing and manipulation. Rather than do a poll when it mattered back in 2008, the poll is done 18 months later. The distinction between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the public's eyes in 2010 has weakened because Hillary Clinton works on Barack Obama's "team".

What is so evil about this poll is it does not address the 10,000 homes being foreclosed upon everyday in the United States. Does anyone not believe that Hillary Clinton would have done SOMETHING that WORKS this far into a Hillary Clinton administration versus a Barack Obama administration.

So the question I have is, WHO paid for this Zogby poll? Why didn't this poll come out 22 months ago, when it would have mattered?


Anonymous said...

i like this poll better

Anonymous said...

Of course she would have done more by now for this country had she been allowed to take her rightful place as POTUS. Obviously, someone who supports Obama recognizes that, as well, and is trying to compensate by rigging a poll in which Obama will be cast in a more favorable light. Typical - always with the fear and negativity. I guess it's easier to continue bashing the person from whom the election was stolen, than to place the blame for the country's dissatisfaction with Obama's presidency where it actually belongs - on Obama.


Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks for the link heads up. It is ironic that I did my google search just hours after the LA times posted their story, but I did not see the current poll that you saw, so thanks for pointing it out.

Anonymous said...

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