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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Should I be Paranoid? I'm being blocked from updating my websites, and my stat counting account is no longer counting my blogs.

For the most recent DailyPUMA article, please click here.

Click here for more info about the freezing of many PUMA blogs back in the summer of 2008.

My domain provider claims there are no problems with their site, yet I cannot navigate it. Below, my stat counting service has gone zero, yet it does not seem to be a system wide failure. I base that on not being able to find anyone complaining about the counter being down.

Two totally different functions on two totally different websites that I rely on stopped working around 24-48 hours ago. I've tried clearing cookies, cache, rebooting, software updating. Should I be paranoid?

I've heard this could be a result of the 64 bit and 32 bit worlds not cooperating with each other. If that is the case, then Apple may be the leading culprit. In an effort to look good and beat their deadlines, Apple released their snow leopard platform at 64 bit while apparently offering little to no backwards compatibility for the 32 bit world.

The 32 bit vs 64 bit incompatibility may be really serious stuff, but nobody, I MEAN NOBODY, will say snap about Mac on the internet, except me. 

The Michael Moore issue is really huge as well. Moore got involved in the 2008 democratic nomination to blast Hillary Clinton during several press conferences yet never said peep about his own state of Michigan not having their delegate votes count.

Moore also said nothing about Illinois MOVING ITS 2008 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY DATE UP SEVEN WEEKS to the beginning of February specifically to help Barack Obama. Michigan moved their 2008 primary date up FOR A REAL REASON, to serve notice that their state was hurting financially and they wanted to be heard, instead their votes were blocked.

I've taken shots at Apple recently, and at Michael Moore, in both instances I was being 100% truthful and accurate with my complaints. Anybody else having internet issues? So anyways, is it just coincidence that two services that I have used for a long time are not working now, or should I be paranoid? I am going to assume it is just coincidence, however, why can't these service providers leave press releases or announcements whenever these problems come up?

So I guess my new question is, should I be personally paranoid, or just paranoid because of what appears to be an increasing lack of universal cooperation between competing computer platforms?
(Edit note update Feb. 08, 2014, I should have prefaced this article with the information that during the heat of the Obama / Clinton 2008 democrat nomination turmoil, I had three political blogs frozen for a few days simply because someone flagged all three accounts within a manner of seconds, the flagging came from the same IP address from a company called Masergy communications.)

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