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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Selfishness of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Healthcare Reform.

If healthcare reform was so important to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, why didn't they back Hillary Clinton in 2008?

When Bill Clinton wanted Hillary Clinton involved in Health Care discussions with the republicans back in 1992, the talks failed not because of Hillary Clinton, but because of how Bill Clinton won the presidency.

Don't be fooled by Michael Moore's insipid video in which he shows a short clip of an exchange between Hillary Clinton and the Republicans back in 1992 as if to imply that Hillary Clinton ruined health care reform back then. That was typical Michael Moore serving up a hackneyed innuendo that is nonsensical.

1992 was an abomination for the republicans. George Bush had a 91% approval rating right after the desert storm war of 1990-1991. The 1991 republicans were so giddily looking forward to the 1992 presidential elections and another four years of George Bush that they could not contain their premature celebratory glee. Rush Limbaugh laughingly called the seven 1992 presidential democratic candidates the "seven dwarves". Rush Limbaugh ridiculed the individual democratic candidates as well, calling Paul Tsongas "Paul Tax On Gas".
Republicans were also looking forward to a bigger 1992 presidential victory margin than Ronald Reagan had achieved against Jimmy Carter and then Walter Mondale in the 80's. Then Bill Clinton happened, and the republicans disgust at losing to a hic from Arkansas was apoplectic. From George Bush and on down the line, the embarrassment the republicans felt was boundless.
All of these early 90's events conspired to doom healthcare in 1992. The idea that it was Hillary Clinton's persona that killed health care in 1992 was preposterous. The 1992 republicans were not humbled, they were ANGRY. Sister Theresa could not have passed health care in 1992.

The Michael Moore Hillary Clinton slam is just another of the typically stupid Michael Moore documentary claims that are starting to pile so high I am beginning to wonder why I ever liked the guy.
As for Nancy Pelosi, how come 16 years later is Pelosi so bent on NOT SUPPORTING Hillary Clinton in the 2008 democratic nomination?
Are Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid so devoid of common sense they can't even understand what actually happened in 1992? Would it have been so awful to have Hillary Clinton, 16 years later, charm the pants off of the republican party and actually include them in the health care reform talks to the point where neither democrats or republicans could take full credit for health care reform and instead would admit to the reform being bi-partisan?

Would it really have been so bad to give Hillary Clinton her first real shot at passing health care in 2009? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have got to lose their re-election bids, please, for the sake of the democratic party, please let it be so.


Anonymous said...

I totally agrees with your excellent analysis of what the Clintons had to deal with in the '90's when it came to HealthCare Reform.

The following information may explain why Nancy did not support Hillary. She's in bed with Soros, who's in bed with obama. obama and pelosi are puppets of Soros and others who wish to take down the United States of America:

"Where has Nancy Pelosi been? As a figurehead and leader in government, a representative of women at large, why did she not take a stand to defend not only Hillary Clinton, but the advancement of women in all of our society?

"When she was asked by the media about the demeaning assaults against Hillary Clinton, her reply was that she was too busy being the speaker of the House. That is a lot of bull. Ms. Pelosi would have the American people think that her job is so demanding. Do not be fooled. She is in bed with the enemy.

"Enter into the camp of Speaker Pelosi: George Soros, Felix Rohatyn and Joseph Onek. Now connect the dots.
In 2007, Pelosi hired Onek as her chief counsel. Onek is also the chief adviser for the Open Society Institute, funded by the octopus Soros, whose tentacles extend all over Eastern Europe.
Rohatyn is one of Soros’ tentacles and serves as a major financial backer of Pelosi and is also another of her top economic advisers. He is also head of the Rohatyn-Rudman National Investment Corporation, a Soros holding."

Link to the entire article:

Alessandro Machi said...

Pelosi Connected to George Soros and those Opposing her Mantra can Kiss Her Astroturf.

I am converting your link into a active link. Thanks for contributing your viewpoint!

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